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Chapters 1: Shorts by Naoko Kensaku

Chapters 1: Shorts by Naoko Kensaku

UWAA its happening! Chapters 1: Shorts by Naoko Kensaku, aka my first doujin, goes on sale tomorrow at the Comic Art Festival Kuala Lumpur. It’s a compilation of Chapters 1 from the following projects:

  • Arista
    A woman and a teenager have a conversation at a bus stop.
  • Suara
    Chased by wolves, Suara fights for her survival.
  • Shakti
    Sometimes you remember more than you want to.
  • Evgenia
    Picking up the burden of Kingship was never easy.
  • Breaking Things Apart
    Who knew a name change would be so difficult?

Stories range from sci-fi to fantasy. Each copy is RM6. If you purchase Tales Of Vaticanny Palace, written by my booth partner DMJewelle, the total will be RM10! We’re Prose-ACK at B17:

Prose-ACK Booth at B17, CAFKL

Prose-ACK Booth at B17, CAFKL

Do drop by and support us! Plus, buy both books and get a random fortune! Samples here.

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Alright, day 1 of Pink Octo! In case you were wondering, that was short for Pink October. Note: I’m coming off a high playing Borderlands with Edrei, Mogi and RRJ, so if the tone of this entry is high, you know why.

The main reason why I started this initiative was rather selfish. You see, a few years ago, there was this rather WTF meme going around Facebook encouraging women to post the colour of their bra in their FB status without making a reference to their bras. Their aim?

Increase breast cancer awareness.

My reaction then?

Bwuh… what? Alright, if it gets people talking about breast cancer, treatment, debunking myths and all that jazz, I would be completely alright with it. However, judging from the comments then, there wasn’t much of it. In 2010, whoever decided to bring that meme back to life thought it would be a good idea to continue the sexual innuendo in the name of breast cancer.

Without contributing anything of substance.

Yup, it’s like a Catwoman reboot. You show her body and her nakedness but you take away her humanity. GOOD JOB DC! Ahem, sorry, wrong rant, which I will keep for another day.


We were talking about another Facebook meme. I’m glad to say that very few, if any of my friends actually participated in this year’s meme, even though there were people spreading it. You can find the full text of the meme at the bottom of this entry. This time, it was about pregnancy. Now, like I said, I’m all for raising awareness but this?

This contributes nothing at all.

Breast cancer is serious business. While you may laugh, keep in mind that it is a very real disease. Some people believe that cancer is a purely physical disease. Others believe it can be cured by homeopathic means. Still others, like this XKCD comic, will take its weapons from science while getting his courage wherever he can.

And you know what? That’s ok. That’s all true. Whatever works for you, whatever keeps you going, keeps you going.

There are many who have beaten cancer. There are many more who haven’t. Why do I support Makna? Because I believe they’re supporting cancer patients in a way we often forget once a person has been diagnosed with cancer.

We forget that they are still fallible human beings who have lives to lead. They may have families who depend on them. They may have children who may not know what’s going on. They need our help.

Makna’s Volunteer Program is comprehensive and is dedicated to helping families live a normal life. Volunteers are trained to take care of cancer patients, spend some time with them or even helping out during cancer education awareness programs.

So if you have some time to spare, please come on over to Makna and donate! You may also want to check out the National Cancer Society of Malaysia. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

breast cancer band - I heard boobies

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This October, I want to do something other than just turning my blog pink for October. For most of us online, we’re aware that breast cancer exists. The colour dedicated to it is Pink. It affects mainly women, though there are approximately 1% men who suffer from it. In Malaysia, it was estimated in 2005 that 1690 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer. 460 of them will die.

Cancer isn’t something you sexualise. It isn’t something you trivialise. Anyone who’s seen friends and family struggle through cancer will attest to it. To watch your beloved waste away before your eyes while they plead for the pain to stop wrenches your heart. Cancer kills more than just the person who has it. It saps the energy and willpower of everyone around that person.

This October, I want to do more than just raise awareness. I want to raise RM2,000 for MAKNA, aka Majlis Kanser Negara, or in English, the National Cancer Council. To do so, I will be blogging every day with at least one post a day in Breast Cancer Month, October.

Why Makna? Makna focuses not just on raising awareness about cancer, but researching possible cures and treating cancer patients who otherwise may not be able to. Makna also runs a volunteer community program, where participants help cancer patients and their family. Some of these volunteers are there to provide a listening ear. Others may help just by walking and playing games with these survivors.

So if you have a spare change or two, I would like to ask your help in ending cancer. Open your wallets (or-ebanking account) and send some goodwill and money to them. Thank you.

ETA: You can donate to Makna and support my campaign via SimplyGiving! Thank you!


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On behalf of Ti…

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 11:09 pm
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So with all the other stuff happening around me (especially family crisis and floods) I haven’t been able to put as much of an effort on the San Fran Plan as I could. There is a website being set up with more info on my project and affiliate links, but I’m waiting on the designer to get back to me (she says she’s nearly done). But other then that, there is a lot of work to be done to make this happen in time.

I’ve had a LOT of positive feedback on the project, especially from people in San Francisco – but not as much money coming in. Some promises, but nothing materialised yet. My first goal is to get $650 for my deposit to CELLspace, which I still owe – this confirms my attendance. Then it’s $2000 for the airfare. The rest of the fees I can earn over time, but those are the biggest priorities.

Things I need help with:

Funding sources – due to bridging visa issues, I am not eligible for Australian grants or scholarships. I haven’t found any American grants that I qualify for (also due to residency). I did apply for $1000 from the Awesome Foundation but haven’t heard anything. If you hear of any other possible sources for money please let me know.

Media promo, especially blogs – I would like to send out a press release to various queer, politics, porn, local, arts media in Australia and the US but I do need help writing something up. I also would like my project posted on related blogs – for example, Becky Hunter’s interview of me. I do have at least one relatively famous person who’s promised to do a blog post, but again promises and results are two different things. So if you have any favourite columnists or bloggers that you think will like the San Fran Plan, please recommend it to them!

Sponsorship resources – it would help a ton if portions of the trip, especially the flight, could be sponsored. I’ve tried to contact Virgin but no dice, haven’t heard from AirAsia/Tony Fernandes, and may hit up Qantas soon. If you know of any companies that are willing to sponsor me or vouch for me or help me out, please pass my details on. What could be handy, for example, is them paying for my residency fees as a donation to CELLspace (maybe it can be tax-free??)

Jobs, freelance work, being hired – I’m open to any sort of suggestion, including things like modelling or webcamming, so long as it’s legit and pays OK. Here’s my LinkedIn profile for resumes. I can work in Brisbane, online, or elsewhere if travel expenses are covered.

Patrons, sugar mummies, mystery benefactors – you get the idea.

Donations! – of course! Every dollar helps!

Please pass this on – reblogs, retweets, emails, however you like. Every little bit helps for sure. Thank you so much!

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So, I thought that after posting this, the whole Fitness First saga would have been over. You know, like those epic side-quests that you don’t really have to do but you do cause it’s easy/you get a side benefit kind of quests? Well, as it turns out, this is not a minor side quest at all. It’s turning out to be a single Quest that has a time limit. So what happened?

My brother got a SMS on Thursday telling him that he owes money for his Fitness First membership. We both went @@ at that, because by right, we had terminated both our accounts on November 19. You know what? Here, have a letter I’m writing to the NST and Star Editors:

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The best hallmarks a scam is that they’ll ask you to pay, but when you chase them for enquiries, they take forever to get back to you.

So it is with Fitness First the Curve, Malaysia, which is really starting to sound like a well-planned scam I did not see coming. You see, even though the story has been published in the Malay Mail and I’ve dropped a note to the Fitness First management over at their website, it seems that Fitness First the Curve is DETERMINED to drag their feet over the matter. I emailed them about two weeks ago.

On Saturday, 4th November 2010, I received a response from one Amanda Cook, apparently the manager of Fitness First Curve, promising to look into the case. She asked for some information which I provided. This was her email (attaching screenshot to take note of the date):

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I just submitted this to the Malay Mail, complaining about Fitness First Malaysia. To say that I am supremely annoyed is a major understatement. I delivered an ultimatum to them earlier today: I would pay only what I owe them, which is RM331 for the months I did not attend and the months I suspended, which is till this month. If they dare to charge me in December 2010 and January 2011 before my contract is up in February 2011, I will be taking them to Small Claims’ Court, as I want to terminate my account with immediate effect. They’ve broken faith with me twice (first time was with the rebate: it took my bro and me 3 months, filling up the forms TWICE and ensuring my account had too little money left for them to auto-debit before it was finally reflected in the system). I fail to see why I should allow them to leech off my account.

In March my brother and me signed up for Fitness First memberships. Due to certain factors, we decided to use my Maybank account for both our subscriptions. In September, we both submitted Update Billing forms to Fitness First Curve, with my brother’s acc being placed under his own banking account and mine being transferred to a secondary banking account meant only for recurring bills like Fitness First. As a precaution, I also submitted forms to Maybank requesting for the cancellation of Fitness First’s auto-debit on my account. As requested by Fitness First, these documents were submitted on 19 September 2010, in time for their admin to make changes.

It’s now November 4. I thought all the changes would have been made by last month. Imagine my surprise when I found RM215 missing from my account, the exact same amount for a Fitness First monthly subscription. A check with Fitness First revealed that YES, they debited the wrong account. Demands for an explanation was met with a weak, “Oh, we’ve submitted this already, don’t know why the admin did not update.” This is in addition to the counter staff knowing FULL WELL that my brother and me had already submitted the forms way in advance, at THEIR REQUEST. Yet they want us to RESUBMIT the forms, which would be quite a hassle as that means my brother and me will need to provide them with the front page of our bank books. AGAIN.

At the same time, when I mentioned that I had already requested for the payment to be stopped from the Maybank side, the girl at the counter told me that it was not something Maybank could do. Even if I, as the account holder, requested Maybank (through Maybank’s own forms) to stop the auto-debit, Maybank could not do so without permission from Fitness First.

My response to that, “So wait, you’re telling me that just because I allowed Fitness First to auto-debit my account to pay you, I have no right and control over my account to stop the payments?”

Her reply, “Yes, they cannot do that without you first informing us to stop the payments.”

To say the billing system for Fitness First sucks is a major understatement. I told them in no uncertain terms that due to this third billing fiasco, I wanted them to terminate my account with effect from December. However, I am told that I cannot do so, as I am a new member. No terminations are allowed, even though Fitness First has screwed me over with their billing system.

If Fitness First has broken faith, why should I be the one to pay for their incompetence? I’ve followed the procedure set TWICE by them, yet they can’t seem to follow it themselves. Why then, should I complete the contract when they have broken faith so badly?

So annoyed. Writing meme delayed till Sunday. :P

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Broke, not poor

Sunday, October 17th, 2010 02:33 pm
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Not too long ago, a few friends posted about seeing posts by people, who complained about not earning enough. Now, these priviledged people were not complaining about the fact that they were not earning enough, but the fact that they were not earning enough to support all of life’s little luxuries. Yes, they were not complaining about not earning enough to go out for luxury meals and pay for their luxury cars. Thus, they were poor.

Yes, you read that right. They were POOR because they couldn’t afford life’s luxuries. They are poor because they can’t go out with their friends to expensive restaurants. They are poor because they are paying for a car they can no longer afford.

Excuse me while I laugh.

You see, I’m in the same boat. Since I left my old job, I admit, I’ve had to cut back on expenses greatly. I don’t really have enough money to spend on caramel frap, not enough to drive almost everywhere, and definitely not enough to even think of buying stuff online (especially clothes).

But I am not poor. I still have a roof over my head. I cook at home when I have the time/inclination. I have enough money to keep my car running (aka petrol). I have enough money to pay my phone and Internet bills. The most important thing is that I have not have to ask my parents for money.

And really for me, that’s the most important thing. If you do not have enough money to eat, to pay for life’s neccisities, then you are poor. But if you are complaining that you don’t have money to go eat at Italiannies when you have at least enough money to buy chicken rice…

I don’t know what else to say.

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