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I’m writing this about 30,000 feet in the air, or so the good captain informs me. As you can guess from the title, yes I’ve been having issues with my passport. Basically, it’s the sort of troubles that come when your passport is short 15 days from its date of expiry.

Not sure about other countries, but there’s a ruling that says Malaysian passports are good only till the last 6 months before their expiry. So if you travel within that lasr six months, your entry into other countries are suspect and you might not be able to enter the country you want to visit.

Which, as you can tell, is something that has been happening to me. As it turns out, my passport just entered into that last 6 months period. I didn’t think to check on it until we reached the airport and were checking the baggage drop. That I’m on the plane now is a miracle, and I sincerely hope I can enter Japan when we land. The immigration officer has gone to great pains to warn me that it’s my responsibility.

All I can hope now is on the goodwill of the Japanese immiragtion authorities that they will let me enter the country. According to Koishi, it’s about 8pm Malaysian time now, and the captain estimates we will land at Kansai in about 1 hour 30 minutes. Nervous doesn’t even begin to cover it. Of course listening to Romeo and Cinderella by Hatsune Miku isn’t helping. No, it’s not helping either my maimai memory or my mood.

ARGH How could I be such an idiot.

Edited: Yay am safe in Kansai Airport, now on the very shaky wifi network. Immigration was a breeze, no one asked me about my passport. Ironically, I got stopped because of Edo’s Christmas present aka the Pebble watch. They let me through after taking it through the airport scanner, though I did have to open my clothes bag to show I wasn’t a threat. The nice Customs official asked me if the teddy bear in my bag was another present but I explained that it was to help me sleep. Weirdly enough, there had been enough turbulence that the zip in one of the compartments had opened. Hmm….

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There is only one way to describe Himeji Castle; if a building could troll, none could do it better than Himeji.

Consider the history as told to us by our guide, Ms Shoko:

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Hotel packages

Thursday, May 30th, 2013 08:26 am
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So I just discovered that my hostel in Japan is fine with receiving packages in my name before we go there. This begs the question; if you can use hotels as drop off points, why don’t most people write these in? Hm…

Japan prep!

Friday, February 15th, 2013 08:32 am
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Stuff to do:

- Start listing attractions I want to visit in Osaka
- Make hotel reservations in Osaka
- Start compiling cooling clothes list (with a high of 40° Celsius and a 72% humidity rate in Kyoto alone, this looks like it’ll be no different from walking in Malaysia XD)
- Start filling out Visa forms aka make itinerary

Not sure if I am missing anything else, hmm…

Edited to add: Oh yes, finish off last year’s travelogues. :P

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Japan posts on hold

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 11:25 am
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In case you were wondering what happened to my Japan posts, I haven’t forgotten, work has just swallowed me whole. ~_~

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I have always had a fondness for Inari, the God of Foxes. This stems partially from the fact that I am a huge fan of Kurama and thus of foxes by default. I didn’t really connect Fushimi Inari Shrine with Inari till I heard the name though, as the images of the torii were associated with Memoirs of a Geisha, the movie, not so much the actual shrine.

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Need to put this down before I forget.

Planning to carry 3 bags with me to Japan. One is my Herbalife gym bag, which will be big enough for me to stuff in my toothbrush and toiletries. And an extra change of clothes. This bag will also contain my laptop, charger and DS. Might add my normal laptop bag into the bag; it’s small enough so all I need to do is carry my laptop bag when out and about in Kyoto.

Then there’s one roll-on luggage bag for clothes. And another for souvenirs and the random fandom stuff I know I will buy. Planning to split the clothes at first for two bags so I’m not carrying an empty bag. I may throw toiletries into the small fandom bag.

Thoughts? Doable? Bad idea? I can’t check in 3 luggage?

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I definitely have the writing bug bad. Stay away from writing for a few days and already I can feel the itch. So here, have a brief report of my trip to Penang! Pictures to follow later, cause I was lazy and tired during the whole trip.

Bro and me didn’t really get much sleep the night before the flight. A 6.55am flight usually means that you need to be at the airport by about five thirty, so we were up by three and out of the house at four thirty.

Landed at Penang Airport at around eight am and what a difference! Even though the weather was a bit cloudy, there was a hint of a gorgeous sunrise that greeted me. I missed the sunrise, and more importantly I missed the sun. Klang Valley’s been shrouded in clouds the past week.

I dropped off my baggage at the Sunway Hotel in Seberang Prai and had a late breakfast with Raven and Seo at a nearby McD. Then we visited the new Sunway Carnival Mall with the two boys insisting that it was much smaller than the one in Bandar Sunway PJ. I tend to agree.

With two hours I managed to get myself a nice pantyhose for my dress and thigh high for the other dress. I also found a nice pair of shoes from Hush Puppies. The shoes were brown and in my size. I’d first seen them in One U, but they did not have the colour I want (bright pink is kinda hard to match, don’t you think?)

So after a while, we picked up YY from her work place, had lunch and then rushed to the hotel to check in. A quick shower, clothes testing and few hours later, Raven picked us up to go to Zero’s bachelor party.

I’ll say this: The discussion about duties at the wedding reception on Sunday resembled a war meeting. Seriously, the way Zero, Raven, Seo, Kenny, Brian and Steven leant into the table while talking made it seem like a tactical meeting.

We finished midnight, then Raven sent us back to the hotel. Slept till six, got up, showered, put on make-up, got dressed, and then we were off to Zero’s place. We reached there around eight and sat down to wait while the groom got ready.

I like Zero’s house; it’s large and comfy (he’s something of a mecha fan while his wife is a Doraemon otaku, cute right?). The house was done in cottage style- I don’t think it will remain too empty for too long.

I went with YY to SS’s room once we reached the bride’s place. You see, YY’s BF, Raven, was part of the groom entourage while YY’s one of SS’ good friends. So once we reached the house, we left the boys downstairs to settle the wedding games and we came upstairs.

SS was really looking forward to her marriage; she even said once while we were waiting for the boys that she was ready for this; she was ready to be his wife.

The wedding party left the house rather late, but we got there ok. By that time, most of us, including me, Seo, YY and Raven had minor headaches from standing in the heat too long (I think it was humid+sun that did that). Well, in between running errands, getting harassed by random people during the errand and then going back to the hotel to rest, I think I was ill. I had a massive migraine and it wouldn’t go away till dinner.

After parking the car for the reception, I threw up whatever little I had eaten throughout the day into the drain. After the third round and seeing myself throw up something red and round, I realised I felt much better.

Dinner was an interesting affair. I like the Ricoh camera one of the girls was using and I had some really nice yummy and mushy brains (aka otak-otak in Malay).

We then adjourned to Zero’s house for random chatting sessions, more pics, and figuring out what was happening the next day.

Monday (yesterday) woke up to have breakfast, then checked out, watched 2012, wrote part of this entry at the airport and took the flight back home. The night lights in KL and Penang are nothing short of gorgeous.

I miss Penang already. Wanted to try a lot of stuff (which I didn’t get the chance cause most of the time I was at Zero’s or SS’ place and there was food heh) like the wet Char Koay Teow and the nasi lemak goreng. Ah well next time. :D

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