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This is also going to be a complaints list to my muses.

  • My villains keep changing. First it was a God, then it was the dad, then it was the sister, then the mother, and now it’s the manservant with a hint to it being the God in the end. OI. Make up your minds!
  • Sleep deprivation is the reason why that voyeur dirty old men scene is in the novel. Which I don’t think I’ll remove. It turned out to be a pretty sweet scene. :)
  • The little girl has a proper name now and she is turning out to be very sweet and a really nice child. Though she does tend to be a bit too passive. I’m not sure if she’s ok for a five year old who’s been taken hostage by her nanny.
  • Speaking of nanny, I’m not sure how to write the current villain. On one hand, he’s quite passive. On the other, there seems to be a completely different side of him when he reveals his identity. I’M NOT SURE HOW TO WRITE YOU, HALF-HUMAN LICH.
  • Also liches are cold. Like, literally cold. I wonder if that’s why Daramiri likes Illyra so much, she’s like a walking airconditioner. /is smacked by muse
  • Previous point: Ow

Ok back to writing.

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800 words in, Splash Free on the player and my muses are screaming at me.


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“A liar’s smile is at its bitterest at its truest lie.”

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So earlier this week, Matt McCabe ran a week-long smart phone event as a warm-up for Nanowrimo. The premise was simple: Write as much as you can on your phone for the entire week and report your numbers at the end of the day. I started out pretty hard and ended up third; I didn’t write on Saturday as I was out shopping with family in Thailand and Sunday was spent being carsick. XD

The contest did, however, help me learn about some new and interesting tools for smartphones.

If you’re on iOS and you use dropbox, you might want to have a look at Plaintext. It’s a minimalist editor that lets you write and sync your notes to dropbox; a useful feature if you don’t have always-on Internet connection on your mobile device. And if you don’t have a dropbox account, sign up now (this is my dropbox referral link, by the way). I love dropbox, and I think it’s one of the best ways to carry your writing around no matter where you go.

For Android users, there is also Epistle. It’s basically the Android version of Plaintext, and it comes with dropbox integration again. It’s free and very minimalist.

As you can guess though, I’m not using any of these.

I’m using Springpad instead, which is a very powerful note-taking tool. It will run offline if it detects there is no Internet connection (which was what I experienced in Thailand) and gave me a quick and easy way to write my story in a daily format. So I organised my chapters by day and then imported them into my Google Docs file once I was on the computer. Is it a bit cumbersome? Yup. Was it easy? Sure! Was it easier to keep track of? Yes.

I will probably be using Springpad this Nanowrimo to write on the go, with separate notes for different sections, but my primary will still be Google Docs on the office PC, then write on Q10 with the file being backed up to both my secondary hard disk AND Dropbox and when the file gets too big… emailing it to myself.

In case you need to ask, yes I AM one of those people who are PARANOID about losing my novel.

See you on the flip side!

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Dear Characters

Thank you for appearing in my headspace. Now can I have some names to go along with the faces please? Thank you.

No love

PS: Sukina, Naoko, I hold the two of you responsible. SO GET! >(

Edited: And right after that they suggest the names themselves! Girls, excellent work.

Tongs usually are.

You don’t say. *snicker*

And you WOULD make the megane chracter the “Little Dark One,” wouldn’t you? *Facepalms

*angelic smile* We know what you like.

*face in hands*

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Random musings

Friday, October 14th, 2011 09:54 am
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Anything that cannot be experienced through your five senses is open to permanent manipulation.
Unknown Speaker
The Alin’sa Commentaries

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Found this gem while going through the old Nano Blog:

Ebert: Actually, maybe I can help you. There is nothing you don’t “get” because there is nothing to get. You are the writer. What you write is what is written. It is exactly right because it is exactly what you wrote. If someone else doesn’t think so, fuck ‘em. There is no objective goal, no objective right or wrong. Only the process. Your mind will set itself down in words. Do not criticize. Do not look back at every sentence. Just write. You have no idea where you are headed. Your words will lead you. This above all: Nothing is ever completed until it is started. Start. Don’t look back. If at the end it doesn’t meet your hopes, start again.

Now you know more about your hopes.

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Ok, time to discipline myself. Write first thing in the morning, at least 300 words (around 10-15 minutes). This should be interesting.

Any writing I do thereafter is a bonus.

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Excuse me. Inner Editor Angie here. There’s been quite a few things the girl has been writing (HEY!) that frankly, doesn’t quite meet my standards. Now, considering that this is Nanowrimo we’re talking about AND that the child is actually making effort to write a coherent and concrete story for once, I’m going to let it slide. However, there are some things that need to be revisited AFTER this draft is done, so here’s a list for you. Now, don’t make that face at me. If you’re going to ignore me for an entire MONTH just so you can get the story out, then you bet your pretty little Mokona I’m going to make sure you actually EDIT the bloody thing after Nano.

Things to note:

  • Time frame between first and second gen. 200 years seems enough for at least six, not three generations. Get that cleared up.
  • Naoko needs a knife in that rempit scene. You know which one I’m talking about.
  • The T in TGP needs clarification. Right now it looks like a Mary Sue
  • ALL action scenes need to be revisited. PRONTO.
  • Disposable characters much?

And this is just for the FIRST 25k words. I look forward to editing the rest. Ehehehe. *evil laugh*

(The author, as you can guess, is whimpering now).


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Nano 2010 Notes

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 04:43 am
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Note to self: No more Chinese tea after 8.30pm next time. It’s 4.35am and I still can’t sleep. Argh.

Summary of this year’s Nano book:

Hands stained with blood. A sister born of imagination. The girl with the Spirit Tattoos. The Man with the golden rings. A priestess at the behest of a Goddess. So goes the prophecy:

Child of Light
Dear Heaven’s Delight
Child of Dark
The Shadow’s Bark

The Balance Tips
jAnGlE oNce
The Goddess weeps

Six billion people on a planet
Meant to support two at most
When the Veil is torn
hEAVEN Hell Come Tumbling downnn

Thus it is written.

And urgh that style of writing was painful. Oi Naoko, what were you on this time? Also, forget it. I’m not playing a scythe lover or a siscon mature. *rolls to bed*

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Stuff I need to write/edit:

1. Edit Nanonovels
Book 1: Key’s Twilight needs editing. It is also sitting on Zoho Writer because apparently GDocs can’t handle documents with more than 114,000 words. :D It’s over 512kb apparently. Basically it needs to be edited for flow, grammar check and spelling. Book 2: Key’s Kiss requires completion. At 53,000, it’s nowhere near done. I still need to actually get to the END of the books. And decide if I wanna make this year’s Nanonovel all about finishing the Key Trilogy.

2. Write Celefina
I have the ending, I have the opening. Now I need to actually write their stories. There’s five parts to this book and the setting is half inspired by Shadow of Colossus and Prince of Persia the movie (shows how bad the movie is that I want to rewrite the entire thing). I can get through the prologue, but the first arc is already making me go bwuH? :P

3. Begin Shieri
Interesting character that popped into the head one day. I may base her on a friend, because she seems to take quite a lot of personality traits from that friend. Including the sensitivity to spirits. 8D And the sex appeal. XD

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Got linked to this first, by IN. Then I read the actual article.

If a writer is afraid of writing about us due to all the weight this task carries, and if this fear thus renders that writer unable to write, I do not think it is our obligation to reassure and soothe and praise said writer. I do not think we should muzzle our anger out of consideration for people who cannot write about us for fear of their offences invoking our rage. I do not think we should ask for anything less than acknowledgement and respect: not just for us as a people and as a nation, but also for our history of colonization and oppression, for the inequalities that persist within and without our country, for the present struggle for self-determination and identity that’s often hampered and warped by influences from the spheres of our former colonial masters.

Context may have been Filipino, but this transcends borders and race.

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Gaping thoughts

Saturday, April 10th, 2010 01:02 pm
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Primordial Sound meditation, is in essence, the idea of going back to the gap in your mind. We have thousands of thoughts in a day; this noise runs through our minds and is in a way, the indication that we are conscious. The thoughts may not make sense, nor may they be coherent, but they are still thoughts otherwise.

What we rarely think about, if we do at all, is the gap between each thought. Take a breath, close your eyes, and ask yourself, "What is my next thought going to be?"


Did you catch that?

That small, tiny, almost-invisible gap between one thought and the next?

Yes, that’s the gap between your thoughts.

In that single gap, that space to breathe, is where limitless potential resides. It’s a moment of the Cosmos, of the Universe. I don’t know about you, but for me, that one single moment gives me a glimpse of eternity. Of unbridled freedom. Of simply being.

Now that’s a thought to take away.

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Dear self

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 12:50 pm
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Dear self

Admit to yourself that your writing sucks. I don’t know how we went down this road, but stop trying to be lofty. Your words are beginning to confuse even me. We have a goal. We have a destination. We know we’re going to take detours. There’s no need for the kitchen sink. Your thoughts can be distilled. Let’s do that.

If it makes you feel uncomfortable, admit that it does. Take time to formulate your replies, please. You’re mature and have the brains to make your points in a clear, concise manner without being defensive. And yes, if confused, always good to step back and reaffirm the point of discussion.

Take ownership of your words. You did it once, keep it in sight. All this dumbness start coming up when you release your hold on your words. Own up.

On another note, yes we’re awesome. No one does things like we do. Becoming complacent and drifting away in our own little world is not the way to tell people we’re awesome though. That shows in our writing, in the way we act, in the way we carry ourselves and others.

So buck up self. The ride’s just beginning.


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Thanks to LadySeishou for finding the actual quote and otter_nanowrimo on Dreamwidth for mentioning it:

Yeah, well, the inspiration of a new story is exciting. But if you wind up not finishing ninety percent of what you start, guess what happens. After a few years you’ll have written 100 beginnings, 40 middles, and only 10 endings. Which means you’ll be great at writing beginnings, only so-so at middles, and you’ll suck at endings. Which means you will almost certainly keep faltering between the middle and the end of every story, which means you’ll keep giving up and not finishing . . . Rinse, repeat.

And that’s a hole you don’t want to fall into. So finish, even if you know this story isn’t going to win you the Nobel Prizeā€”it’s good practice to type THE END.

It’s a great writing tip from Scott Westerfield.

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Sunday, November 15th, 2009 02:42 pm
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Reality is shaped by us and we are shaped by reality. The power of the human imagination is strong enough to do so. In a world of the mundane, imagination is what gives us our power. It is what allows us to carve our own path. This makes us both our own saviour and our own destruction. The last time where reality became so mutable was during the Ancient Times. It’s not a coincidence that ancient India and ancient Egypt had their own demigods and goddesses who were a mix between human and animals.

That we are here, and seeing all these appear again… humans have reclaimed their imagination and power to shape their reality. The balance is once more upset.

Naoko Kensaku
Briefing to the Cassowary Ravens, year unknown.

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One of the highlights of Nanowrimo for me has always been the Pep Talks. These are the things that keep me sane, that assure me that I’m not alone doing this crazy push to 50,000 words.

This year’s Pep Talks, even the ones by Nanowrimo founder Chris Baty, have taken some time to sink in. Sure, most of the time they apply to newbies and those who are stuck, but they haven’t talked to me yet.

Not until Maureen Johnson’s. She puts wonderfully into words what I could not describe before this, that the Middle, where the books and drafts are actually written, are addictive.

I’ll leave you with the bits that made me wonderfully happy, and you can read the full Pep Talk here. Happy writing!

And once you’ve crossed The Middle once or twice and you’re lounging on the other side, you’ll find you miss it. You’ll realize you long to be out there again, under the sky and the stars.
The weather changes a lot in the middle. Some days, the skies are dark and it’s hard to find your way forward. Those days are long and little progress is made. Some days, it’s strangely bright and clear, and suddenly you can see the horizon ahead, and dozens of possible paths present themselves to you. But every day is different, and every day there is a new way to go and a new thing to see.

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Of books

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 11:37 am
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Reminder to self, track down this book:

The Starlight Crystal by Christopher Pike.

One of the defining books that influenced me as a writer and as a person. :P

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Was writing this in a darkened room (my bedroom) on Q10 when my word war alarm beeped and I jumped. Here, have a laugh:

Ta’Lern turned the door’s knob. To his surprise, it turned easily. He looked up at Raishan in surprise. Now they both knew something was wrong; Marissa always locked the door, mainly because it gave her that extra warning time when Renami’s visits were imminent. Though it had been years since they had met, she did it anyway. And she would have never left the door unanswered for this long either. The two brothers came to a consensus fairly quickly; Ta’Lern kicked the door opened.

The smell assaulted them.

Air escaped from the confines of the house out into the open, bringing with it the smell of rotting flesh and so much more. It was at least five days old. Even before their eyes adjusted to the darkness, Ta’Lern and Raishan knew what they would find, having been brought up to kill and on the battlefields. The only question was whose bodies were there.

“Annwn, they’re dead,” Raishan took out a handkerchief and covered his nose.

He followed Ta’Lern in. Stopping by the frame of the door, he used the edge of the gun to switch on the lights. The lights flickered and then came to life. As they did, he heard skitterings in front of him and realised what it was.

There were rodents and other stuff on the floor. Blood was everywhere, on the walls, on the floors, and on the furniture. It looked like someone had tried to pain the hallway red using the blood from the three bodies on the floor. They had been clawed to death, innards, limbs, everything was everywhere.

Annwn did not step in, but merely watched from where she was. She made a retching sound; the siblings were still not used to smelling such rotteness no matter how many times they were exposed to it. It was not something to be proud of.

“Three days,” Ta’Lern was squatting down to one of the three bodies. He was examining the woman closest to them.

It looked like a man and woman had been fleeing from the door when it caught them. From the moment of impact, they were dead. Their backs faced them, their spines exposed. Just to be sure, Ta’Lern used the edge of his gun to turn the woman over. The grotesques and bloated face of Marissa was looking at them. Her eyes were closed though, and Ta’Lern pointed to her neck; she had been killed by a snapped neck, which was a quick and painless death at least.

Raishan walked over to his brother, using his boots to turn the body next to the female over onto his back. This one had a look of horror on his face, with his eyes bulging out. In front, there was a slash across his neck, but from experience, they knew it was not enough to kill a person. No, that one had been for torture.

If the wounds on the front of the man was any indication, he had suffered long. Raishan could not say that he was unhappy about it. The chain the man wore was Renami’s favourite. His coat was tattered, and there were self-defense wounds all over him; Renami had fought for his life.

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These were written because I suspect some of those on my F-List have not started at all. Starting can be the hardest thing in the world, but take heart!

1. You must start.
Starting can be as simple as saying: Her name was Amelia. That’s it. All you need to do is just start. It can be a single sentence, or, in the case of William, “The End.” Then let the story flow. By starting, you would have put yourself FAR AHEAD of the many others who say that they’ll write a novel but take their stories to the grave.

2. You CAN write.
If you can read this, you can write. If you’ve ever left a comment behind, you can write. Writing is not hard to do, it takes willpower and determination (and in some cases, pure compulsion).

Which leads me to the next point:

3. Yes, it’s sucky.
Your work during Nanowrimo is a work in progress. It’s a rough draft. As Anthony Piers and Chris Baty (the founder of Nanowrimo) have pointed out, it’s completely normal. So go ahead. Let loose. Just write. By the end of that period, you’ll have discovered more reasons to write within yourself than you would have otherwise tried at any other point of your life.

4. Nanowrimo Dares are the most under-used weapon in any Wrimo’s arsenal.
This little thread (that’s actually thread 2, there’s a thread part 1 somewhere) should be bookmarked. Or the forum where they reside should be bookmarked. Dares help you get over the rough spots where you don’t know what to write, or when you’re facing a writer’s block. Using a dare often leads to new places and plots, and in some cases, might make your novel change for the better.

Think of dares as friendly helping hands to get you over rough spots.

5. Never, ever reread.
And lock up your inner editor while you’re at it. The aim of Nanowrimo has always been to pound out as much words as you can. Which brings me to my last survival tip:

6. Try, as you might, not to write alone.
Or at least embark on Nanowrimo solo. The three years I went at it solo (as in I was the only one I knew in my vicinity doing Nanowrimo), I failed horribly. I hit only 20k at the maximum. In 2007, I met great friends who spurred me on to greater heights. It’s part competition, part encouragement.

Like quitting smoking, get a friend who’s either doing Nanowrimo, or can be counted to encourage, push, punish, prod, or if needed, verbally beat you into hitting that word count. In most cases this is usually your ML (in Malaysia we call her the Mothership) but if you can’t really get in touch with your ML, your friends will do.

Go for write-ins. Take part in word wars online and in the IRC channel. Jump into the forums. Nanowrimo is best experienced and enjoyed with a bunch of like-minded friends.

Just remember to write.

I hope this helps. Happy Sailing, Dear Wrimo Person, and may we cross the finish line together.

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