Les Deux Garcons

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 10:38 pm
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There’s a little cafe in Bangsar that apparently serves macaroon and French food. It is apparently a quaint little place. Like most upcoming businesses in Malaysia, Les Deux Garcons has a Facebook page. It was used to showcase their promotions and such…

Until today, when the shit more or less hit the fan.

You see, Les Deux Garcons did something that anyone who’s been working in social media for the past six months will know by heart now.

They called their customer bitches.

Now, I’ve seen some really fantastic gaffes in the past few months when it comes to social media and Malaysia, but this one takes the cake. Les Deux Garcons, I wish you the very best of luck. Living this down without it killing your business will be tough, but I think it can be done.

Just make sure your social media person undergoes actual customer service training, please?

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Via Leslie on LJ.

This is not a joke. I hope someone will tell me that it is, but apparently it’s not.

Someone in Cornell University believes it is PERFECTLY REASONABLE AND A-OK TO REMOVE PARTS OF A GIRL’S CLITORIS. The procedure is done on 7 year olds. I… I don’t even know how to talk about this. It’s… it’s…

*sits in a corner and weeps*

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See you guys when I get back!

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Got linked to this first, by IN. Then I read the actual article.

If a writer is afraid of writing about us due to all the weight this task carries, and if this fear thus renders that writer unable to write, I do not think it is our obligation to reassure and soothe and praise said writer. I do not think we should muzzle our anger out of consideration for people who cannot write about us for fear of their offences invoking our rage. I do not think we should ask for anything less than acknowledgement and respect: not just for us as a people and as a nation, but also for our history of colonization and oppression, for the inequalities that persist within and without our country, for the present struggle for self-determination and identity that’s often hampered and warped by influences from the spheres of our former colonial masters.

Context may have been Filipino, but this transcends borders and race.

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Uneasy sleep

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 09:32 am
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Can’t sleep well for the past three days. I play with Sachiko until I can’t keep my eyes open any more and when I wake up, I feel exhausted. Something’s bothering but can’t put finger on it. Meh.

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Still alive

Saturday, March 13th, 2010 08:03 pm
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Just horrendously tired and no I don't know why either.

And if you haven't already, get your tix to Zee Avi Live in KL! :D It's being sponsored by RedTix.

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Fangirl alert: HIGH

Saturday, March 6th, 2010 04:05 pm
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Kazane X Rikugou FOR THE WIN! :p

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Is a very good anime. So well done in fact, that I really empathise with the characters. It’s the first time in a long time that I watched a series that made me jaw drop.

I want to get Joicy Jie Jie to watch, but I suppose the fact that it’s animated will turn her off. Sigh ah well.

BTW Grayfox-chan~ you should watch this. I promise it’s not a “surprise” anime like Queen’s Blade.

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Forgot to say

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 06:37 am
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GONG XI FA CAI! :D Have a merry year of the Tiger, everyone! :D

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New family member!

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 11:05 pm
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Black Sansa Clip+ MP3 player in box, first was a girl, now is a boy named Sansa.

Meet Sansan.* He’s a boy, a few years old, and I’m learning how to sync him up with his elder brother, Kuro. It’s funny that Windows 7 in the office picked him up very quickly, but Sansan decided to be a bit silly and not want to talk to Kuro until I forced him to. Now they’re playing nicer. :D I need to get him a new pair of headsets though. His current ones are good but not of the form I like. I’m looking for a Kanen headset- it’s a China brand but made exceptionally well.

Now to load up some audio books too. :3

*Haven’t decided on the name. Still waffling between Sansan, Sansa, Morpheus and Teleute.

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Marauderz: See, this is so much better than an iPad. *shows off his mini lappie* Let me go screw Vin now.

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For Karcy

Thursday, January 21st, 2010 05:47 pm
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Sarawak gov’t humbled by Iban villagers

The Sarawak government’s unpopular ‘Konsep Baru’ or ‘New Concept’ of land development, which encourages private companies to set up vast oil palm plantations on native people’s lands, has been dealt a blow by a landmark High Court decision today.

The High Court of Sabah and Sarawak declared victory to rural Iban farmers from Rumah Madel, in Sebauh, 30km from Bintulu, in a land rights suit filed against Ladang Sawit Bintulu Sdn Bhd Tabung Haji (a major share-owner in the oil palm plantation) and the Sarawak government.

The Rumah Madel plaintiffs were represented by land rights advocates Baru Bian and See Chee How.

“This is a victory for all Sarawakians, and for future generations of Malaysians,” said See, outside the High Court. The government has 30 days to appeal the decision.

The state government now faces increased pressure to curb its enthusiastic support of big business – in this case wealthy oil palm companies – taking over the Native Customary Rights (NCR) land of indigenous communities across this vast state.

Tabung Haji, a federal investment fund, will also face questions over its involvement in the Sebauh plantation. Local people say the plantation has destroyed their land, rubber and other crops, fruit trees and water supplies. The adverse publicity has made it tricky, to say the least, for the fund to argue that it supports ethical investments.

Old concept, new packaging

The Sarawak government’s ‘Konsep Baru’ promises NCR landowners a 30 percent share in ‘joint development’ of a given oil palm plantation, with a 60 percent going to a private company and 10% going to the state. The state says the land will be returned to the NCR owners after 60 years. The government argues this brings development to what it calls ‘idle land’.

It has been well documented that these private oil palm companies are closely associated with high-ranking state officials. Many NCR landowners who signed up to these schemes have bitterly condemned the private investors for failing to pay dividends, or handing out only a pittance.

Worse still, private companies have frequently established plantations without even consulting local communities. The first the locals hear of the ‘development’ is often the sound of bulldozers uprooting their fruit trees and farms.

Many native communities have shown great courage in taking the government to court. Over a hundred court cases filed by natives, alleging infringement of NCR rights by logging and oil palm plantations, are trundling their way through the bowels of the judicial system.

This latest judgment supports the legal rights of natives to their NCR land, as affirmed by the Madeli Salleh Federal Court and Nor Nyawai decisions.

These pivotal cases emphasise that customary rights precede the existence of the state of Sarawak, and cannot be extinguished by the government.

Yet the state government considers all NCR land which has not been surveyed as ’state land’. The Land and Survey Department has failed to survey more than 90% of the state’s NCR land, in 46 years of independence.

The state administration has ridden roughshod over the landmark court NCR decisions. It ignores long-established legal and constitutional guarantees of NCR land, as well as the principles of the United Nations Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which Malaysia has signed.

Rumah Madel’s bruising fight

Rumah Madel had sent a string of protests to the police and other government agencies against intrusions by the oil palm company onto their ancestral NCR land since 2004. But the community’s appeals were brushed aside.

“This company, Tabung Haji, doesn’t even have any agreement or a promise of sharing with us. So, we are not happy with the way the government deals with our land. They said that our land does not belong to us,” an elderly man from Rumah Madel recalled. “They told us it’s state land. But we didn’t move here illegally. We didn’t move here yesterday. We have lived here since the British colony was established, since the time of Rajah Brooke.”

The Iban villagers resorted to erecting blockades across the companies’ access roads. The police finally sprang into action, but in support of the oil palm company. Police arrested peaceful protestors, including three defiant women, Siah anak Laga, Meliah anak Enjup and Sadah anak Julau, in December 2004.

When the villagers in Rumah Madel were asked whether the company had paid any compensation for their land or crops, the village elder replied: “No. They told us ‘If we pay you compensation that means we acknowledge it is your land. But this is state land and therefore it’s not your land!’ So they just went ahead and destroyed our land without paying us anything.”

“They don’t care,” said the village head, Tuai Rumah Madel anak Kandau. “Even several of my own plots of land have been destroyed by the lorries. They even destroyed my own oil palm saplings but I planted them again. I told them ‘Please don’t kill my oil palm saplings. Just leave them alone.’ ”

The villagers are angry that the rivers and water catchments supplying their drinking water have also been polluted by the oil palm plantation company.

“Look at our streams now…the water looks like it came from a pig-sty. None of us wants to bathe there, let alone drink the water. They’re making life difficult for us in the village,” Madel said.

Anger over empty promises

One villager said the company had promised surrounding villages good jobs if only they would participate in the oil palm ‘joint project’.

Several headmen signed up. He recounted the promises. “They told us, you will earn a lot of money, no problem with your expenses because you will have a permanent job there.

“Also, once you work in the oil palm plantation, you will have a 30 percent share in the plantation. 70 percent will go to the government and its ‘friends’.

“But they did not give us the letter of agreement…and also, the certificate to show that we have a share in the plantation was not given to us. The company kept it for themselves.

“Now you see…none of us are working there. All the workers in the plantation are foreigners. None of us here want to work for RM10 or RM15 per day. With RM10 per day, my wife and I can eat. But what about our children? Their schooling?” he asked..

“If we follow those who are educated, they will mess up our minds, suck our blood. It’s better that we’re uneducated,” Tuai Rumah Madel said with a wry smile, “so we can discuss together what is good or bad.

“Look at the YBs (elected representatives). Who voted for them to become our YBs? It’s the YBs who are messing with our minds. They only pretend to try to help us by saying all kinds of things.

“I think about my grandchildren in the future. When I die, will my grandchildren say ‘Our grandfather was very stupid – without land, how are we going to live?’ That is why I don’t want my land to be taken away.”

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Keep remembering

Thursday, January 21st, 2010 02:25 pm
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Things to remember, in the aftermath of the Allah controversy that’s distracting everyone from the other issues in the country. This here is RibutKL’s list. Here’s mine:

Nurin Jazlin
Melissa Audrey
Ho Ping
Ching Poon
The Penan girls

Where are they? Where is the justice for these speechless souls?

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Recap: 2009

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 05:46 pm
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So… turns out that I DID make a note of 2009’s resolutions. :D And you know what? I managed to fulfil most of them! Though not in quite the same manner I first envisioned.

Chronicle this most AMAZING year of my life! PASS!
Yes, I was right when I thought that 2009 was going to be an amazing year, and it was! Most of what happened is in my phone, which needs to be extracted soon. Yes I failed the Project 365 but what I gained instead was a lot of writing skills and the ability to capture random pieces of inspiration.

Enrol myself for CELTA at British Council Maybe
I ended up enrolling instead for GlobalTesol’s programme instead. This was mainly because there were no full-time courses at the British Council this year, and I did not want to take two days off each week to attend classes, so I decided to go for just ONE full-time class instead. The experience is priceless.

Get a new external Harddisk PASS!
I ended up getting 2. Three if you count the replacement drive. This year, I had to replace Kuro twice, and bought his new baby, Kuro-Pi (Cyberteam in Akihabara reference)

Spend time with family PASS!
Yes, I managed to do this to an extent, but there were still plenty of heartbreaking moments. Being told that I am rude towards some of my older relatives have caused me to stop and think. I realise that I no longer kow-tow to certain people simply because they are older than me; if they cannot treat my father, their own younger brother, with respect, then how can I respect them?

This was the year I learnt I have some really selfish relatives who will not hesitate to break up my family for their own purposes. I realised that those who called other hypocrites were themselves hypocrites, and knew that they were hypocrites. I discovered that my grandmother is still very much her own woman (which is love!) and no matter what I say, I cannot, and will not be respectful to those who cannot respect my mother and my father.

This is the year my brother and me discovered that no matter what, we’d hold on to each other, because at the end of the day, when our parents are gone, we can only rely on our own individual selves to live.

Retire from Cosplay PASS!
Well… I didn’t cosplay at all except for a Cosfu during Halloween. Does that count?

Strengthen ties with those who matter the most PASS!
This year’s theme for me, was very much love, respect, and as much as I could, privacy. I love you guys. You know who you all are.

Personal Mission: Get CF registered as a proper society. Somehow.
YAY! Almost done. If you want to know what’s our name, check the back of your CF tee-shirt.

Finish Keys to Twilight and Dreamer’s Kiss. Fail
So… it turned out that these were actually book 1. Currently editing Dreamer’s Key, book 1. 8D

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You know, I really, really shouldn’t be too surprised by the drivel that comes out of Utusan Malaysia, but this. This is just…

*shakes head*

Here’s the original Malay article. You can find parts of the article translated into English here.

Malay article under the cut:

Read the rest of this entry »

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Hi the Guzu gang and the Fujoshi sentai (not same gang ka? :P )

Neon and Juufan were asking for an outing. I suggested we watch Sherlock Holmes on 2nd Jan 2010. Was planning for an early morning show but Neon says she can’t make it. She’s free Sat evening. What say you ladies?


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I am Gemini. The one who disrobed Christ. Preparing him like a Lamb before the slaughter, to be nailed to the Cross. As we disrobed him, my green Twin and I, I see his wounds. His body glistens with sweat. The blood and flesh have mixed with the sweat. As we peel away the robe, he winces in pain.

My heart swells with desire to heal him. To spirit him away, and to cleanse his wounds. I know not who he is, nor what crime he has committed, only that he is innocent. Compassion, not pity, fill my heart. Would that I could spirit him away, to cleanse his wounds, to heal this man.

Yet I could not. Instead, I watched as they led him to the cross. I watched as they hammered the first nail into his hand. I flinched at his cry of pain. I could not stop them, stop them from killing a man I knew innocent of whatever they accused him.

I am the Red Twin, and I stand on the Left hand of God.

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Pardon the incoherency. Reliving the movie makes me squee. Again and again.

Sherlock Holmes the 2009 film delights my heart like no other film can this year. The reason is simple; it plays to all my fangirl instincts. I grew up reading the actual books written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and never really got into the various film incarnations.

Karcy mentioned that the film would appeal to those who loved the books rather than those who grew up on the movies, and I have to agree. They basically threw out the old stereotypes and made a much better tribute to Sir Doyle than I would have thought possible.

How does one describe a detective movie that makes a book fangirl squee? I see so many familiar faces here. Irene Adler. Professor Moriarty. Mrs Hudson. Lestrade. Mary Morstan. 221 B Baker Street.

Each of these characters were brought to life convincingly. They were no weaklings to Holmes and Watson; each were strong and commanding in their own way. Mrs Hudson, in the short scene she appeared, was a wonderful portrayal of a housekeeper who had tenants she rolled her eyes at.

Mary Morstan was fantastic as the governess set to marry Watson. She had grace, poise and the proper air of “Englishness” about her. Irene Adler… well this American temptress was played to the hilt. Each smile, each gesture, the steel in her spine. She was a woman who would shock Victorian England with her daring and that was just what she did.

Lestrade… is not that bumbling. He’s rather competent and quite his own man, even if he is far too conventional. Yes, they are faithful to Sir Doyle’s portrayals. Moriarty is, at this moment, an unknown. An enigma. We saw his hand. We heard his voice. But we did not see the man personally.

I want a sequel for that alone.

But what makes Sherlock Holmes such a squee-worthy movie is the chemistry. There’s actual chemistry between the main cast. The interaction between Holmes and Watson has to be seen to be believed, especially with a jealous Holmes (yes Karcy, it is cute!). Mary Morstan and Watson are the perfect middle-class pair. Adler and Holmes… well, let’s just say that sparks fly.

There’s a bit too many explosions and fighting scenes for my liking (the whole pit fight was one of them) but overall, they add to the story rather than detract. The film does go over the top at times, but at least it’s not an-explosion-a-minute like Michael Bay. You get the feeling that at least Guy Ritchie respects and has some form of admiration for Sir Doyle’s works, but Bay? Has none of that.

Hey Michael Bay, go take some lessons in class, why don’t you?

Ok time to download some e-books. :D

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Play: A Light in KL City
Produced by: Electric Minds Project
Staged: Pentas 2, KLPac
Runs: Refer here.

A young woman runs to the motel, banging on the door, begging to be let in. She clutches her used panties in her hand, screaming at her pursuer, defiant to the last. The two men sleeping in the lobby awakens. Darshan, the receptionist, sleepily opens the door. She comes in, an angry customer, no longer fearful of what chased her on the street.

A Feng Shui “master” and a young man with “visions” of Malaysia’s architectural future clash over the new decor. A Dato comes down the stairs with a scantily-clad beautiful woman, the euphoria of last night’s sex clinging to both visibly.

A beautiful songstress courts two men, unable to part with both. A cold woman who betrays her boss’ lover for money to feed her family.

It’s all about the money. Money to feed the children. Money to fuel development in Malaysia. Throwing away those who are idealistic, but cannot make the cold-hearted decisions to survive.

The light goes out. The machinery moves in. And within, at midnight, the residents who call Chahaya Inn home, huddle together, one last time.

A Light in KL City, the flyer says, tells us of things thrown away. Of the people, the history, the things we throw away or take for granted. Chahaya Inn, like many other buildings in KL, is full of history. The story of Anita, her Captain, and Aziz illustrates wonderfully Malaya’s ultimate choice to spurn the Communist ideology for the British “peaceful” transition.

Like many buildings in Kuala Lumpur, within such an old and historic building, are those whom society has forgotten. Whom we have “thrown away” because they don’t fit. From the old film star, to the runaway girl, to the mature sex worker, to illegal immigrant, to a “gweilo” singing on the streets. Their home is demolished to make way for a new hotel. One that promises to be chic, sophisticated and with a minimalist design.

I watched A Light in KL City with some friends. Each walked away with differing opinions of the show. One said that it was during the first half of the show that she could sympathise most with the characters, because they felt alive to her. Another found it interesting. My brother could understand it.

Me, I found it poignant. Devastating in some scenes. Heartbreaking in others. I keep referring to it as a film rather than as a play, because it felt that much real to me. In fact, it watches that much better than some movies I’ve watched. As Swing says, it’s better to shell out RM30 (normal price) for A Light in KL City than RM 10 for a movie you don’t want to watch.

Catch A Light in KL City. You won’t be disappointed.

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