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7 years.

4 wins.

60, 125 words.

Unexpectedly, I finally finished a story. This is the longest piece of writing I’ve done since college, since high school, even, that was simply for pleasure. And not only is the story finally done, I now have an actual draft I can use! A world I can really explore. :D


We now return you to your regularly scheduled life.

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So I told Ultra that I’m being especially mean to my characters this year. Celeste has just undergone a painful procedure to remove the spike in her body with no anasthesia while Naoko is on the verge of being dismebered. Yes I have a reason for it all. Doesn’t make the scenes any more pleasant to write though. Here, have a quick excerpt:

“You’re awake.”

A rude voice made her open her eyes. This time it was not the construct that came to her. It was the man who had brought her the ambrosia. She wondered what he had wanted with her, and idly, wondered how much like a mortal she had become. She was delving into her childhood memories to stay alive, to remember this moment. There was vengeance to be had, and she would not let anyone deny her that.

“Do not move, Godling. We are going to remove you,” the man gestured, and around him, several burly men came. “Perhaps this would be better if you were unconscious, but then… maybe not,” he smiled.

She could not comprehend what he was saying. A moment later, they removed her chains. Then, just as quickly, two men stood on a ladder and grabbed her hands and legs on each side of her body. Another man went under her, holding the wheel in place.

“Now,” the man in front of her said, and it was then she comprehended their meaning.

They lifted her bodily from the spike that had chained her. She screamed in pain. The new skin that had threatened to meld itself to the wheel tore and fresh agonies coursed through her body. She could not think but for the pain. The sharp agony took over her mind completely, and it sounded as though she would not stop screaming.

A Divine Being does not need to draw breath in to scream.

The pain blocked out all reason.

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[Nanowrimo] Ahem

Thursday, November 25th, 2010 06:47 pm
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You may continue. :3

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[Nano] For XJay

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 09:51 pm
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“Grandmother!” the young witch had somehow made it to the top of the hill.

“My chi… what happened?” the witch’s voice was full of shock.

The young girl, who had been pale and sickly, was coming up the hill dressed in a simple black dress. The dress was quite similar to what the Eternal Witch wore, except that while on the Eternal Witch’s frame the dress hugged her hourglass figure, on the young witch it seemed to emphasise her lack of curves. Yet that was not what drew his eye. It was the red ribbon, tied simply around her neck, that drew his eye.

This was in addition to the fact that her hands were covered in blood, as were parts of her body.

“I killed her, Grandmother. She was going to kill Grandfather. But it’s ok, he’s here with me now,” Kishan could not understand what the girl was saying. As a Priest of Celeste, he could see with his second sight if the souls of the dead resided close by, but there was no trace of it on the girl.

“My child, what do you mean?” there was fear in the Eternal Witch’s voice, a fear that Kishan thought he would never hear.

“He says that it’s ok. That since Celeste is back, we can all finally be together. Wasn’t that the deal, Grandmother? That once Celeste came back, and you came back, we could be a happy family again?” the young girl smiled in a creepy way that sent shivers up Kishan’s spine.

“My child, yes, but I still have…”

“Grandfather says you don’t have to, not anymore. There’s no need for you to be a witch anymore,” the young witch raised her hands and fired.

She had a gun in her hand.

The shots rang out loudly in the clearing.

And this pushes my word count to 49355!

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As we head into the final days of Nano, I can taste victory. Just a few more words and I’ll be done. Like most of my projects though, I find myself procrastinating, and for some reason, listening to Golden Time Lover helps keep me focused, cause the English words in the song is like a kick in the butt. XD Here, have some lyrics!

Title: Golden Time Lover
Artist: Sukima Switch
Anime: 3rd FMA: Brotherhood Opening
Source: Here
Translator: Here

shuuchuu dekitenai na mada karada ga mayotte irunda
furuiteitan ja KONTOROORU shitatte BURErun da
taiyou mo TSUKI mo nanmo kanzen ni kocchi muite inai ga
yaru shika nainda iikikaseru you ni sou tsubuyaita

joukyou wa warui ga tada nigedasun ja konjou nai naa
tenbou wa nai ga dokyou de KURIA suru shika nai ya
shoudou wa osaeta mama TAAGETTO to no kankaku sagure
hitsuyou na mon wa katsu PURAIDO
ajiwau no wa shouri no bishu ka sore tomo haiboku no kujuu ka
sou subete wa futatsu ni hitotsu ayatsuritai unmei no ito

zekkou no GOORUDEN TAIMU kono te de tsukame
konshin no POOKAA FEISU KIMEte shikakeru yo
IRYUUJON no sekai e hikizuri konde

saigen nai PURESSHAA GEEMU SURURI to nukete
eikou no BOODAA RAIN tobikoeru tame ni
HAU MENII dore kurai no daishou ga iru
tebanashitakunai mon wa dore

RON yori SHOUKO nanda you wa kekka o dashita mon ga shousha da
chinmoku wa kin da kuchi ga sugireba BARErun da
kankaku o togisumashite shinchou ni nagare o yomikire
genjou no shouritsu nan PAASENTO
kachiwaru no wa kenjitsu na GEEMU SENSU hisomu kageboushi wa akuma ka
otoko naraba isagiyoku chitte yaru kurai no kakugo de idome

gyakkyou no KURAPPU YUA HANZU furuitatasete
ATENSHON abunaize genkai koete

saikou no FEARII TEIRU rekishi ni kizame
kanshou no shunkan o misetsukeru tame ni
AA YUU REDI kugumotta mayoi nado sute
BABERU no kaidan o agare

megami no you ni emi o ukaberu
kimi no miryoku ni tori tsukarete
sasowareru mama ochite yuku

kokoro ni sumitsuita yokubou fukureagaru hatenaki yume
dare mo boku o tomerarenai

zekkou no GOORUDEN TAIMU kono te de tsukame
konshin no POOKAA FEISU KIMEte shikakeru yo
IRYUUJON no sekai e hikizurikonde

saigen nai PURESSHAA GEEMU SURURI to nukete
eikou no BOODAA RAIN tobikoeru tame ni
HAU MENII dore kurai no daishou ga iru

gyakkyou no KURAPPU YUA HANZU furuitatasete
ATENSHON abunaize genkai koete

saikou no FEARII TEIRU rekishi ni kizame
kyougaku no daigyakuten karei ni kimeru yo
DUU YUU NOU unmei wa ubaitoru mono

BABERU no choujou ni sasu hi no hikari o abiro

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Dear Writer

Why yes, I find it quite heartening that you’re making a note to delete those scenes. And the writing style. Sigh, that’s quite a bad way to write a story, isn’t it? But take heart! At least we have a proper plot that is being laid out and the foundation looks to be quite solid. Of course, you DO realise that this is just the rough model and we’re nowhere near starting the actual building right?

Your Inner Editor.

Writer’s note: Shut up.

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This was written on a dare by the Neon. :3 Also I have not forgotten writing meme, but am a bit too lazy + busy to post it.

“Good morning, dear Star. Do I dazzle you?” his smiling face, albeit cleaned of grit and glowing with health this morning, greeted her as she turned over and woke up from her sleep.

Sukina’s mind immediately snapped into defense mode. In a split second, she had taken in her surroundings and the role she was expected to play. The memories of the night before, when he had started the spell and overcame her defenses made her choose a self-defense technique that she hated but one that she thought would be appropriate.

She shrieked and started throwing things at him, beginning first with the pillows that had cradled her head. He laughed and moved away, evading the pillows easily. This was quickly followed by her grabbing things from the bedside table, which were much harder and of a much more dangerous quality, including but not limited to the candle stick, random books, and other paraphernalia. Princess tantrum mode? Very much so.

It was then he spoke, and very quickly too, offering a truce.

“Please! Hear me out, Star! I mean you no harm!” he ducked as a candlestick flew over his head, but as he straightened himself up, a book hit him square across his face, its cover opening to slap him hard. This had the effect of making him lose his balance, and as Anra fell backwards, landing on some pillows and hitting himself (as he fell to the ground holding his face) on the aforesaid candlestick. Only then did Sukina stop.

She remained in bed though, suspicious of him.

Anra took his time to sit up, sensing that the danger, for now, had passed. He opened his eyes to find Sukina staring at him, a jewelled box in her hands this time. That alarmed him, and he removed one hand to entreaty her to stop while the other was pressed to his nose. Sukina watched him as he did so, then noticed that he had blood dripping down.

“Puwhease,” Anra entreated, his words coming out odd as he pinched his nose. “Hweft mi xpain,” he said.

“You’d better,” Sukina got out of the bed and went to him.

As she did, she was aware that she stank badly, but this was forgotten as she knelt before Anra and removed his hand. Her words were not gentle as she cupped the area around his nose and took a deep breath.

“Hold still, this *will* hurt,” she emphasised, before channeling a small amount of energy to heal his nose. She had not broken anything, but there was a vein that she had hurt, which was causing the bleeding. As expected, he yelped.

And yes, Neon, more corniness *will* follow. :D

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Sorry Celeste, but I think this was worth it. :P

The skies had opened up.

When the first drops of rain began falling, she could ignore them. Soon though, they seeped into her skin, and she could not ignore them any longer. Opening her eyes and looking feebly up, she could see a long road ahead of her, from her vantage point above the road. She thought she might be in some sort of fortification, for her view was partially obstructed by a stone wall.

She tried to get her hands in front of her so she could push herself up from the surface that held her, but she could not move her arms. Turning, she saw that her arms were bound to the wall, spread wide, one arm against each side. She could feel the ache of her legs, begging her to sit. It was then that she thought to look down to see what she was bending over for.

Beneath her, she saw that she had been laid over a wheel. The wheel had wicked spikes, and as the rain washed over her, she became aware that her blood was running down through the hole in her stomach. There must have been pain, but her mind would have blocked it out, she supposed, which was why she was bent over the wheel, probably stabbed through the other side, and her blood was still flowing after she had been here hours.

Or at least it felt like hours.

The rain stopped for a while, or rather, it stopped falling over her face. She blinked, and a creature in a dress was standing in front of her. The creature soon lowered itself so that she could stand face to face with her, and she saw it was a young woman who looked very familiar.

“So, you’re awake now, eh?” the girl smiled. She took in details of the girl; white hair, purple eyes, fair skin, and a demeanor that suggested she was probably in her early teens. Her clothes, the woman thought, was unsuited to this weather; she was wearing a poofy striped dress with ribbons on the hem and a pair of short, lady’s gloves.

“Who…?” the woman asked.

“Why why, Celeste! Have you forgotten me already? It’s Deb!” the young girl laughed maliciously.

The name Celeste was the trigger. Almost immediately, a flood of memories washed over Celeste’s mind, bringing back everything. Including the memories of what had happened during her captivity by Apollo. There was no other way to describe it; it was a forced capture, the Goddess though, for she had not wished to remain there and Apollo had made her a concoction that then kept her sleeping for hours.

Or by the reckoning of her children, years.

“You…!” Celeste tried to lunge at the construct, but NOW the pain had decided to make an appearance. Try as she might, she could not help but let out a scream of pain, one that lasted a long while. The scream was not just to express the physical pain she felt, but the emotional loss she felt from all those years.

“Scream all you want, Godling, but know that no one else can hear you,” Deb laughed again and began walking away.

With the fog finally lifted from her mind, Celeste could now look around her and discover just where she was. The knowledge both chilled her and terrified her.

She was on the fortress overlooking the Gates to Tartarus. With her blood dripping down, she could only surmise that the Locks were opened. No one though, could know the real truth behind the Locks unless they were Divine Beings; the blood of a Divine Being was both lubricant and hinder to a single Lock. To open the three Locks, you would need at least six different Divine Beings from different worlds to completely open the Locks. Looking around her, Celeste did not see any other on the ramparts but her own. It was small relief though. Her blood would drip as long as she was alive, and she would be alive as long as she had at least a single worshipper. As she was the personification of a concept, she could, conceivably, be here for quite some time.

Celeste did not relish the thought.

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What’s your favorite culture to write, fictional or not?
I… don’t really think I have one. I like components of a culture, like how they cast spells, what they believe in and the like, but I don’t think per se I do have any particular culture in mind when I write. How I approach culture in this sense is pretty much how I approach culture in real life; it’s a component, and I only examine it if it affects how I write.

How do you map out locations, if needed? Do you have any to show us?
Do timelines count? Because I have a really, really bad sense of direction and distance, and well… I’ve tried mapping once, many, many years ago. To say that it didn’t work out… :3

Midway question! Tell us about a writer you admire, whether professional or not!
Dimmie actually. There’s a lot of thought and life that goes into her characters, and you get the sense that there’s a certain irrelevancy in the way she writes. Not that what she writes is irrelevant, but that it’s irrelevant what happens to her characters because you know they’ll be brought back for more. In other words, she abuses her characters the way I wish I could.

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Excuse me. Inner Editor Angie here. There’s been quite a few things the girl has been writing (HEY!) that frankly, doesn’t quite meet my standards. Now, considering that this is Nanowrimo we’re talking about AND that the child is actually making effort to write a coherent and concrete story for once, I’m going to let it slide. However, there are some things that need to be revisited AFTER this draft is done, so here’s a list for you. Now, don’t make that face at me. If you’re going to ignore me for an entire MONTH just so you can get the story out, then you bet your pretty little Mokona I’m going to make sure you actually EDIT the bloody thing after Nano.

Things to note:

  • Time frame between first and second gen. 200 years seems enough for at least six, not three generations. Get that cleared up.
  • Naoko needs a knife in that rempit scene. You know which one I’m talking about.
  • The T in TGP needs clarification. Right now it looks like a Mary Sue
  • ALL action scenes need to be revisited. PRONTO.
  • Disposable characters much?

And this is just for the FIRST 25k words. I look forward to editing the rest. Ehehehe. *evil laugh*

(The author, as you can guess, is whimpering now).


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[Nano] Progress!

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 05:42 pm
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Word Counter between three writers from Nanowrimo

So as you can see, none of us are *quite* ahead yet. XD

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As she left, she was unaware that the Eternal Witch had caught up. Neither was Kishan, though the knowledge was brought back to him in a completely unpleasant manner when a spear pierced him, clean through from the back and through the front. He looked down to see the head of a hawthorn spear jutting out from his stomach, covered in his blood. The shock of it drove him to his knees and he fell forward, held up only by the spear driving into the ground.

Excuse me while I chortle with glee. You have no idea how much effort it took for me to write this. :D And yes, this IS a Nano excerpt why do you ask? :D

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Nano excerpt!

Friday, November 5th, 2010 08:55 am
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Quick excerpt from this morning’s 12k bracket. :3 Also, sorry for spamming your FList.

“In your absence, death has become something easier to avoid. People are living longer. Life expectancy is up,” Naoko spoke as though in a wooden voice. Celeste did not interrupt her, knowing that they would come to the point, and soon.

“Medical care, a better and healthier lifestyle, across all three worlds this revolution has been occurring,” Sukina continued. Celeste suspected the sisters were mind-sharing, as those were not the words the child would have ordinarily used. “It’s made Death… no so random. And not something that needs to be feared.”

“Daughters, to the point,” Celeste was short with them.

“Lady, they no longer appreciate the fullness of life. For many, living has become a hollow shell, with nothing to look forward to. Activities that once could be undertaken by all to their betterment are now the purview of the rich and powerful. Those left outside live their lives with nothing to guide them,” Naoko hung her head in shame.

“In other words, the world tethers on the brink of despair and collapse,” Celeste summarised. She put a fond hand on Naoko’s head.

“It’s not society collapsing that has you worried, is it, dear child?” Celeste spoke gently to her. “It’s the despair that overwhelms, like a miasma you cannot escape,” she opened her arms to Sukina, who came to her and laid her head on Celeste’s lap, like a child seeking a mother’s embrace.

“But this is not natural, is it, Lady Celeste?” Kishan’s voice revealed that he was possibly the only one in the room who understood the full ramifications of what was happening.

Celeste nodded. The balance of emotions between Worlds were delicate, mainly because it was not the physical trappings like weapons, clothes or even thought that guided these worlds. Rather, it was the one thing that all mortals had in common, even if their ability to feel it was broken.


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And easier than I thought. 6865 words written, and I’m already feeling like I want to burn this manuscript. Missing details, an intro by Yura, random characters popping in and out, and I haven’t been able to work in my main villains yet! Argh! Oh wait, there was one villain whom I managed to slip in. Which would be interesting to see if she really pans out. Though her name’s easily obvious once you realise I’m an Ubuntu fangirl. >>

Onto meme!

How do you get ideas for your characters? Describe the process of creating them.
For how I get ideas, please see here.

As for creating them… they come into being as and when I need them. I don’t usually create characters beforehand unless I’ve done some outlining and plot thinking beforehand (which is usually Nano) but most times they appear as the scene demands. Like their names, most are throwaways, but if any of them impress me, then I might keep them, which is how Deb and Rasenkal came to stay.

Now, onto dinner!

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Nanowrimo has started! And like the mad woman I am, I’ve written around 3718 words. Am aiming to get at least 9k by Thursday as I know I won’t have time to write over the weekend. Will most likely be on a road trip then and so yours truly will be Internetless AND most likely lappie-less. Family takes precedence for this particular trip.

And now, on with the meme!
What’s your favorite genre to write? To read?
As most people know, I love writing fantasy and it’s various children. I’ve dabbled a bit in science fiction universes, and a bit in erotica, but I’ve always liked writing in fantasy because I like the idea of using magic, and the various shortcuts it allows you. I’ve yet to make the price of magic fit the effort needed to make it work, but that should be remedied in this Nanowrimo.

As for to read, it really depends on my mood. Sometimes it may be realistic fiction, other times fantasy… really depends on what I feel like dipping my feet into at that particular moment in time.

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So, Juufy sis broke my brain with images of Yura in that sex meme. To regain it, I was to make Isla Yura introduce my story. He didn’t quite come right in the beginning, but this is what he did anyway:

We now bring you a message from Isla Yura!

“Hellooooooo everyone! How’re we today! Normally I’d tell you about dear Master Oz and Master Jack but ah! Today I’ve been loaned to tell you the story of Tattoos, Guns and Prayers! Now, this beautiful piece will be written In the month of November, and it’ll be an exciting thing, won’t it! Ah, it’s got blood, guts, gore, all the wonderful, wonderful recipe of success!”

Yura disappears for a moment and soon returns, wearing a crimson outfit in contrast to his purple one earlier.

“Oh, and these people are just like me! They’re trying to open the dimension to a new world where their Master resides, where there’ll be no more suffering and a golden peace will soon come! But ah! Why must they make us the villains again?” he sobs into a handkerchief. “What’s wrong with wanting peace? We just want to go to the Abyss where there’ll be nothing but paradise! Why do they torment us so?”

And now, with that, back to the story.


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Nano song notes

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 10:45 pm
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Dear Muses,

If we are going to open TGP with Butterfly (Instrumental version) then we will be hitting the middle with Calling by Leah. That is all.

I should be sleeping but I still have itchy fingers from these jokers

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Origins: Jiat
Appearance: Something similar to Break of Pandora Hearts, has an eye missing
Defining trait: He’s been dead this past 2000 years. Harbour an intent to take over Jiat, the conscious planet.

Other notes:

I really don’t know anything much about Rosselius except that he’s considered the second most powerful Magician ever seen on Jiat. In previous encounters, it took all six Xi’an of Jiats to take him down. When you consider that Rosselius draws his magic from within himself and the spells he casts while the Xi’an tend to rely on the power that Jiat provides, the power difference is enormous. Rosselius’ only weak point is that he needs to vocalise his spells. This is easily circumvented by the simple act of possessing someone. As I mentioned, Rosselius HAS been dead for the past 2000 years, but every so often he possesses or enters into partnerships with other magicians. When possessing them, Rosselius gains access to all of their powers plus his own arcane talent. With a patience that can last millennia, he’s truly terrifying for the elaborate schemes he cooks up.

Author’s note: This may or may not have been inspired by Geoff’s description of Wilhelm in Xenosaga. I think it was, cause Rosselius appeared about 2 days after I read that entry.

Edited cause I am dumb.

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To do list

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 07:21 pm
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This is for Nanowrimo. :P It’s 31 days left, and I realise after last writing about it that I cannot stop writing. This is refreshing; I think I may have found the best pattern that works for me when it comes to writing. The trick is not so much to write for the sake of writing, but to focus instead on doing something else, something that takes my mind off writing. Which would explain why I feel most creative when I’ve been deprived of my passions. XD

So, among the things I need to do for Nanowrimo:

  • Research a little bit more about tattoos and guns, not to mention the spiritual traditions of East Asia.
  • Sync up Mort with Kuro. I’ll be listening to DRR! and FMA this year to write. I might put in the OST for Sherlock or some other movies I’ve watched recently, but I highly doubt that.
  • Reconsider writing times for Nano, as I may go 6-8 hours at my part time job for money
  • Confirm set locale for novel. Right now it’s nowhere, and I might want to consider relocating it to make writing easy.

I’m pretty sure the list will increase as time goes by because I am writing this off the top of my head but I’ve never felt so gleeful before. My main aim this year for Nanowrimo is to actually FINISH a story.

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Dear self

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 02:11 pm
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Letter from self:

Dear self

That was awesome. Right after you said that you wouldn’t take Chinese tea for dinner anymore you go ahead and do so. Then you end up not sleeping the entire night. 3 hours’ sleep does not a night make. If you manage to land that job I’ll be quite surprised. You also decided to go and drink NESCAFE to help you sleep. Well, congratulations. We’ve finished watching Durarara!!! and I know that you’re quite hyper right now but yes I see Hypnos coming soon. GO. TO. BED.

Your Reality Self

Dear Writer

As mentioned, Durarara’s background music will do quite well for this year’s Nano. Please don’t forget to upload Angela Aki’s Life as well. You may want to listen to it carefully. Hmm… based on what we have planned this year, the theme will be dawn. Which includes Mouhitotsu no yoake and Heart of Sword. And we have the perfect ending for you too.

She awoke alone. The rain fell heavily, drenching her instantly. Slowly, she pushed herself up from the mud. She was alone. Out of habit, she looked down at her wrist. Then at both of them. On her right hand was a single gold bangle, while on her left was a golden charm bracelet. With a secret smile, she got to her feet, and began to walk.

The end.

Your Muses

PS: Don’t forget the opening and ending songs of FMA Brotherhood too!

Dear child

This is a note from your adult muse. GO. TO. SLEEP. NOW. Or no more DS for you.

No love

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