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Squee! Several months ago, I contributed some “advice” on how to get past the hardest parts of Nanowrimo. Apparently it was included in the new No Plot, No Problem! that was released recently. Grab it now, especially if you’re a writer who has difficulty convincing yourself to start, much less to finish!

You can find it here at his site.

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Calling all toku fans!

I know a lot of people cringed at the various concepts in the show, but from the trailer and the demand, it seems that Ryujin Juwara is back! And it’s at a rather interesting timeslot too! Fridays, 7.30pm actually sounds like a pretty reasonable timeslot instead of 4pm (catering towards the kids, to be honest). Maybe this time I can actually catch the show.

I’m actually kinda excited that it got a second season. Say what you will about the idea, but the production values of the show and the localisation seems to indicate that there was quite a bit of thought that went into the show. Well, at least I know what I’ll be watching tomorrow. Do you? ;)

If you want a more “formal” version of the second season announcement, it’s right after the jump!

Disclaimer: I have received no compensation for this shoutout but I am genuinely curious about the show. The press release attached is provided by Global Creative Media Agency (GCMA).

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Been sick the past few weeks. Last week was the worst; I ended up taking two days of sick leave because I really couldn’t stand it any more. As it turned out, a mix of extra sleep (plenty of it!), modern medicine and just general relaxing with friends did a lot to help me recover. The week after Japan has been an insanely busy one. This wasn’t helped by the fact that my flu got worse after I came home. Still, at least I feel functional now and no more “I want to stay home and curl in my blanket.”

Car also went to the hospital. Mom and dad took him to the paint shop while I was away, and when I got him back, he was gleaming! Sadly, his engine whined at me and he went into the hospital for an emergency top overhaul. I’d been delaying that for months and now I paid the price whoops!

Let’s see… the extender cable on my Superlux HD318F died. As in it’s showing the “you have stressed out the wires and therefore we will not longer work unless you adjust us just right” issue I’ve had with all my other earphones. Yes, yes, I’ll start carrying a bag for my headphones. I can’t stand them dying on me. *flails*

Also, Tabitha, my tablet, has been lagging quite a bit lately. I haven’t cleaned up the apps yet, so that’s on my next to-do list when I get the time. It’s odd that she’d be this slow though, considering her specs. Her battery life is still awesome though. Benefits of keeping her docked with the keyboard (or always “married” as Wind_Goddess says) all the time.

Aiks, that turned into a tech update instead of a life status update. Well, in a lot of ways, my tech updates mirror my life update.

Fitness-wise, I’ve stopped exercises temporarily, mainly because of health. Going to kickstart my planned routine again tomorrow most likely. Depends on whether body feels up to it. My legs were feeling really weak just now at dinner when I was out with Rincredulous and the others.

New routine, if it works, should help with strength training and extending stamina. Basically it’s an alternate day plan with an hour’s run on one day, then a 30 minute Nike+ training session the next day. I’ve completed two sessions so far, and it seems to be working. I fell sick with the flu JUST before my trip, and it was alright while I was in Japan, then got worse when I came back to Malaysia. So I haven’t trained for almost two weeks.

I’m quite glad that I don’t have any runs coming up soon, but it also means that I don’t really have a drive to push myself to train. Did I mention that work is kicking my ass? Because it is.

Speaking of work, on the creative side, I’ll be selling my words at the Comic Art Festival Kuala Lumpur happening next week at the Annexe, Central Market. It’ll be happening from 7-8 June, 2014, 10am to 6pm. Goddess help me and Dimmie. :D We’re operating a booth called ProseACK! and will be at B17. Our friends Milk Tea and Monsters will be next to us at B16, selling an anthology called “How Was Your Day?” by 8 different artists. ;)

Dimmie will be selling a collection of her Vaticanny Palace stories (which, if you like irreverent and funny divinity stories you must get!) while I am hopefully going to compile a series of Chapter 1s and put them up for sale.

In addition, you’ll also be supporting a bunch of youngsters who self-publish their own comics, books and other creative stuff. Stuff that *I* am looking out for include Veleries’ Echo Comic and whatever the heck Maxsterism is going to be doing at B14, and not to mention Maikii at B13!

So clear out that weekend, and check out us out!

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CAFKL Promo!

Monday, April 28th, 2014 11:34 pm
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Dimmie and I will be at the Comic Art Festival Kuala Lumpur (aka CAFKL) this June! Come and support us by buying our words! CAFKL will be happening at:

Venue: The Annexe, Central Market
Date: June 7 – June 8, 2014
Time: 10am – 7pm

What will we be selling? As mentioned, we’ll be selling our own original works. What are they?

Dimmie’s going to be putting out an anthology of her stories, called “Tales from the Vaticanny Palace.” These will be based on her Vaticanny series. They’re mainly about this god named Finnegan and his hapless assistant Sedna. This winning combination is a fantastic barrel of laughs and sarcasm. Some of my own favourite stories from this series include the Radio episode, aka welcome to the vaticanny place, which is a fantastic parody of a certain radio show.

You can check out some more interesting snippets here.

As for me, I’ll be publishing a series of chapters called… Chapter 1. These are basically going to be, literally, chapter 1 of stories I’ve written so far. Some of them are probably going to be stuff that was rejected by other anthologies. Some will probably be first person view and so forth. The only thing is that they will all have at least 2 chapters written. If you like the first chapter, there’ll be a link to read the second chapter, and so forth.

Keep an eye out for our stuff, and I hope to see you all there!

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This is a sponsored post, commissioned by The Tech Kaiju. I acknowledge that I have received some form of compensation for this post. However, I further admit that this compensation has NOT affected my opinion nor judgement of the units that were lent to me.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me start by saying that I managed to get my hands on review units of the Ninetology U9X1 and the LG Optimus G Pro for one week. I picked them up last week and will be reviewing them as I go along. Right now they’ve been in my hand for slightly over 24 hours, and active for perhaps a little under that. So what can you expect?

For the spec sheet, here’s the Ninetology U9X1 and the LG Optimus G Pro, provided by CNet Asia. As you can tell, I’m not big on specs. What I’m big on is how well the phone performs and how well it fits into my lifestyle.

So how’s the initial impressions so far?

For both phones:

    In comparison to my Sony Xperia Pro, both the U9X1 AND the LG Optimus feel much lighter. In fact, they feel almost weightless. Which leads me to my second point:
  • Terrified of dropping them
    Anyone who knows me knows I’m pretty much butterfingers, which is why durability is a very big thing for me. So far I’ve not dropped the phones, and I hope that never changes.
  • They are both black
    I’m sorry, but I’m the kind of person who wants my phone to be COLOURFUL. I don’t really like black or white phones, at least not for myself.
  • FAST
    Joel is showing his age, so these two phones which are still quite new, are very fast in comparison.

For the LG Optimus:

  • It is HUGE!
    The LG Optimus dwarfs the U9X1, which means it cannot go into my pocket. It also means that the power button makes more sense on the side than it does on the top. Thanks to its size, I’ve resorted to carrying it around in a tiny bag instead of throwing it into my pocket.
  • It’s fairly heavily-skinned and missing quite a few “must have apps”
    I’m surprised that it didn’t come with Facebook and Twitter preinstalled, but on another note, I’m glad it didn’t.
  • The swiping keyboard is pretty functional
    It isn’t going to blow Swype or Swiftkey out of the water, but it does its job well.
  • Camera is decent
    The photos I took looked a little blurry till I realised I forgot to switch on the “Intelligent Auto” setting

For the U9X1

  • Easy in the hand
    Though it’s just as light. It fits better in my pocket though, and it took to my Pebble and bluetooth headset quite easily.
    Let’s just saw that I switched on the phone by accident when trying to open the back cover. This happened almost every single time.
  • Camera does horribly at macro shots
    While the camera’s quite decent, it fails completely at taking close up shots when the flash is turned off. I don’t know why. The camera does pretty well if I focus it, switch off the flash and then take the shot, but if I switch off the flash, touch to focus and then attempt to take the photo, it becomes blurry.

Need to sleep, so will write more tomorrow. :)

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Random Quote

Thursday, May 24th, 2012 12:08 am
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A peculiar witch dashes into the outlook.

Now that brings up some interesting story ideas.

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So there’s a contest going around right now to win the new Samsung Galaxy Note. This hybrid tablet/phone looks pretty slick but it’s rather large, hence the hybrid tablet/phone tag. Due to its dual nature, DiGi’s giving away 2 phones to a lucky pair.

How to win?
Log in and create your team with a friend. Then get people to vote for your friend and you. It’s a daily vote thing, so you’ll need to get people to vote for you everyday. The team with the highest votes count. Note: If you want to just vote, you’ll need to add the app.

Teams for my own reference:
The teams listed below are for my own reference, mainly colleagues and my own. :D Please vote for Fujoshis United! :p

Fujoshis United
Ting & Ting
Team Nokia 3315 (Yes they are still using this phone)

Otherwise this is going to be a reminder/placement holder for me.

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Company’s looking for an English editor.

Main qualification: Have good/great English skills (aka you should know the difference between There and Their etc)
Main trait: Must be meticulous.

Bonus points: Sociable, good presentation skills.
Would like to have but not end of the world: Creative, willing to do market research and talk to teachers.

Pay: Reasonable (from what I know at least la)
Benefits: Plenty – panel clinic, dental (with condition), prompt paymasters, great colleagues
Edited to add: Plenty of opportunity to work with international counterparts; this is an international publishing company
Snag: Working hours are from 8am to 5pm, but you may have plenty of half-days for presentations and seminars if you are inclined to that.

If you’re interested, please drop me a comment here or ping me on my social networks.

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It seems quite a few people I know are having money problems (including yours truly). So I did the next best thing: Opened up Jobstreet and went looking for part time jobs. So far, this is what I have:

Data Entry with Unisys
Hours: 1.30pm to 8pm (fixed)
Pay: RM7 per hour
Breaks: 2 breaks, which seem to come up to a total of 1hr 45 mins, which cuts quite a bit into your pay as the working hours are very limited.
Notes: You will be typing in numbers for about 97% of the time (aka your best friend will be the numpad). You will use the keyboard otherwise, but it’s rare. Also, you’ll be based in Damansara.
How to get it: Drop a comment in here with your email and I’ll forward you the email I got from Farah Waheeda of Randstandt. Even if you don’t get this job/it’s too far for you, I’d recommend contacting her anyway because the company she works for is a temp agency.

Customer/Tech Support for Datacom
Hours: 7am – 12 pm (flexible, these are the hours I chose for myself) Edited = There are two shifts depending on your favoured time slot.
Pay: RM12 per hour
Breaks: Unsure, but possibly none as I am only working five hours a day.
Notes: Based in One Tech Park near Centrepoint. Datacom is a outsource tech support company (like VADS) but they service international clients. The one I’ll be working for is an Australian one. Here’s the catch: There’s an end date of 30 NOVEMBER 2010. Which means after this date, your job will be finished. Pay seems good but we shall see.
How to get it: Drop me a line here and I’ll forward you the email with the details.

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This especially applies to my F-list who were interested in attending. Forgot to mention that this workshop is taken straight out of the Chopra Centre aka it’s by Deepak Chopra and David Simon. The trainer is Anthony Pinto, a Chopra-certified instructor.

Saturday, 24 July:
General Session – 9.30am to 12.30pm
Personal Instruction Session – 1.30pm to 6.30pm.

Sunday, 25 July:
General Session – 2.00pm to 6.00pm

You can get the full flyer here.

If you’ve got any questions, lemme know. :)

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Professional Profiles!

Saturday, May 15th, 2010 06:08 pm
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My temporary professional profile can be found here on LinkedIn. Still working on my own resume site. The content is lacking, not the design. :P

And documenting my experiments in playing with PTC sites, here’s Click Click Moneys!

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To all my sisters

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 09:49 am
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Especially Silvy Sis, Aiko, Mika, and Neko dears, would you guys want anything from this site? It’s my colleague’s initiative with his GF. They’re having a 10% disc off their opening right now. :D

I got the mostly-black and white version of the Dressy Jessy (Joicy thinks it makes me look squashed, will add pics later :P ) but yeah! Let me know if you girls want anything from here.


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Made a few entries into Pending Review mode, as they’ve been the cause of me not having a Page Rank in the past 3 years, not to mention I think it’s finally time they came down anyway. They were my sponsored posts. Now looking to see if the Nuffnang ones will be the ones affecting my page rank.

Should I integrate my Twitter into my blog? Thinking of putting it in the sidebar, but considering how pretty my sidebar is now (mainly text with some small icons) I’m wondering if it’s worth it.


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I am going to watch this on Thursday. Are you?

The Electric Minds Project is proud to present The Things We Have Lost, a showcase of original Malaysian short plays about grief, despair, abandonment, and hope.

In Summary:

A woman with a gun tries to fix her relationship. Three children contemplate selling a house, and their memories of it, one after the other. A mother grieves for her child in an unusually cruel fashion. Friends sift through the ashes of their previous lives. Two lovers contemplate eternity, the view from their rooftop, and moving to Mongolia.

PJ Live Arts, Jaya One

12-15 August 2009 @ 8.30 pm,
15-16 August 2009 @ 3.00 pm
Admission by donation of RM20

Promotion: For every 9 tickets bought, get 1 free.
Student price: Buy 10 tickets = 25% off all tickets.

017-232 2578 or 012-306 1229

Info about EMP

The Electric Minds Project theater company started out as friends getting together to read scripts, encouraging and motivating each other to write and perform.

This sharing of experiences; coming together and being creative as a group has taught the members of EMP that there is a large, untapped creative potential in Malaysia. We want to represent that talent. We want to encourage writers, nurture performers, and put their work before an audience. We want to get that work to a wider audience. We want our fellow Malaysians to be infected by the same love for performing arts that so far has only been felt by the minority.

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KKnM @ Daicon

Friday, July 10th, 2009 09:42 am
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I’ve just been informed by a good friend that KKnM, the Anime Merchandise store in Singapore, will be stocking these lovelies (thanks for the Tip-off, Anime Depot!) :

Part One.
Part Two.
Part Three.
And the exclusives!

… and so much more! Take note that these are in limited quantity, so first come first serve. We even got word that they’re bringing the highly sought full-body pillow cases, cushion cases, cloth tapestry, hundreds of pencil boards (shitajiki), key-chains, tea-cups, and the like!!!

… Damnit my money. ;_;

Also, be part of Comic Fiesta’s Operation MOB!

Operation M.O.B. (Make it Officially Big!) @ Daicon

When: 11-12 July 2009
Venue: Comic Fiesta Booth, MMU Cyberjaya
Who: You, you and you!
- Wear the Comic Fiesta t-shirt at Daicon*ANY YEAR*
- Talk about your experiences about Comic Fiesta
Comic Fiesta 2009 Organising Committee (I’ll be wearing my lanyard)
Reward: FREE COMIC FIESTA 2008 T-SHIRT! Everything must go!

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So while surfing this site for more entries (Also looking at my own entry here), I found this video. It’s so cute!

So, calling for more entries! *pokes the FList*

Also, vote for him!

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Milk Loves You

It had been a long time since I had my last fix. It was an addiction that stayed with me, all the way up to college. Upon entering college, I found my taste for it… disappeared. The classic version I found had a taste that made me gag, and the flavoured versions were no longer appealing.

So as time went on, I just forget it existed. Sure, I’d see friends with it once in a while, but it was always like a dirty secret. It would be emptied, thrown away, without a second thought.

It was like, such a kiddie drink.

Until I started working with the Construction Company’s e-newsletter team. Then I truly rediscovered it.

I can imagine it now. Smooth, thick, chilled… the sensous sensation on my tongue as I drank it down. It felt like silk, like hot butter on a pan, like melting on a hot day. It also had the advantage of keeping me going for the next few hours without needing to eat something like a bun. In effect, it became my meal subsitute.

But ah…


Chocolate Milk, to be exact. And if you want to get really intimate with my poison…

Goodday Chocolate Milk.

When I was a kid, I preferred HL Milk, but not even Dutch Lady can compete with Goodday now. It’s almost sinful, drinking Goodday Chocolate Milk. If I don’t feel like something sweet, then there’s always soya bean milk.

Yes, soya bean. Wonderful inventions they are. Perfect for someone who’s mildly lactose-intolerant like I am. And these things were lifesavers when I went for my coffee-free Lent fast.

Milk… it really does love me. I’m glad to have rediscovered it after all this time!


The above entry was written for MilkLovesYou’s Rediscovering the Wonders of Milk contest! The first prize’s a Asus eeePC1002 netbook, and I think Mizi needs a younger sister, don’t you? :D VOTE FOR MY ENTRY WHEN IT GETS MODERATED PLEASE?

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