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“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance” – John Philpot Curran.

There are many good posts and updates on Facebook about yesterday’s results. I will not repeat them here. However, I think everyone should think long and hard about this:

The next five years, my fellow Malaysians, will be the dirtiest we have seen. It will be the ugliest. UMNO, and by extension, Barisan Nasional, will depend on the “us vs them” rhetoric to shore up their support in the rural areas. In fact, Najib, the leader of UMNO, has already fired the first salvo yesterday by claiming it was a “Chinese Tsunami” that threatened its dominance and reduced its majority in Parliament further.

They will attempt to create an emotional response and use that to blind and break us every time we question, resist, or protest their schemes, ideas and projects. Sometimes they will use it even to hide their own shortcomings. It will be one of those “storm in a teacup” moments, where everyone will forget all about the main issue and focus on only that one small thing (anyone remember that “leaking” remark made by Bung Mokhtar which lead to a massive outcry? Yes? Do you remember what prompted it, without referring to Google? No?* I thought so).

Democracy is not just the event of throwing our votes every 5 years. It is a journey of nation-building. It is hard, ongoing, and consistent work. If we want to build a better Malaysia, then we must be prepared to work for it.

Question. Listen. Understand. Agree to disagree.

That is what democracy is.

* If you DO remember what the issue is, I salute you!

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So sometime in February, armed invaders landed in Sabah and attempted to claim east Sabah as their own. They called themselves the “Royal Security Forces of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo” and said that east Sabah belonged to them. The Malaysian BN Government surrounded Kampung Tanduo (or Tanduo Village in English) and gave them two weeks to leave the country, but did not specify what would happen if they chose not to.

The invaders chose to stay put.

According to some local sources, on the 17th day of their “stay” in Sabah (aka March 1, 2013), a small group of their fighters attempted to leave the cordoned area. They fired at the security forces around that area, killing 2 policemen with mortar fire and injuring another two more. There was a short gun battle that apparently ended with 10 dead on the Sulu side, and 2 on Malaysia’s.

That was what happened on Friday. Bear in mind, this is what we have been told so far. There is apparently a gag order on the media about this. Wiki does have a pretty good link to the story.

After that happened, these thoughts ran through my head:

  1. There are a lot of illegal immigrants in Sabah. Nothing has been done about them over the years despite the pleas of Sabah.
  2. A large number of them are Tausangs, who are apparently Sulu people. Some say about 8,500 of them
  3. It would be completely realistic to expect the Tausangs to “rise up” in retaliation for their comrades being killed.

Yesterday, March 2, 2013, there was a gun fight in Semporna, about 150km from Lahad Datu. Some sites claim that the people who fired on the policemen were actually on their way to attack the Lahad Datu police station. However, the official news report says that the gun fight was unrelated to what is happening in Lahad Datu, because our boys in blue were carrying out an operation to find and confiscate illegal firearms.


Anyone who’s read political thrillers and the like can take a conjecture as to what is happening next. The chances of there being a full out invasion in Sabah is very high, aided by “sleeper” agents who have entered Sabah over the years. Considering that both the Philippines and Malaysia have elections scheduled for this year, there is speculation that this incident was also orchestrated to embarrass certain parties.

From a reddit thread I read yesterday, there is speculation that this was orchestrated by an opposition component (Philippines is scheduled to have elections in May). In Malaysia, there is wide speculation that it was orchestrated by the BN government to delay General Elections, which must be called in the next few months, barring an Emergency.

So what do I think may happen?

The invaders may rise and overwhelm the Sabah population. War is declared. Elections are delayed for Malaysia, continue as scheduled for Philippines. The war may spread to Sarawak. Indonesia may take the opportunity to reclaim Sarawak.* Borneo Brunei (thanks for spotting this, N4vin!) decides that West Sabah belongs to them and stakes a claim.

Basically, widespread chaos.

But hey, what do I know, right? I’m just a keyboard warrior.

Who is utterly pissed and feeling frustrated at what is happening in Sabah. I have friends there, damnit!

Additional points:
Badí‘ Yee Tzyypirng aka ‏@badiyee on Twitter points out that there is a 5 Defense Pact for Sarawak. Should Indonesia attempt to annex Sarawak, they will be smacked.

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When it comes to financial matters, unlike my mother, I’m rather clueless. I understand certain procedures and the like, but finance, on the whole, has bored me. That said, I am extremely protective of my monies. It comes from being told as a child that I cannot do what I like unless I have money, so when I place my monies in other people hands, I generally expect it to be returned to me.

When it comes to the EPF, I am of the opinion that as long as the money is there when the time comes for me to retire, I don’t really mind about the lack of interest. I come from a family where it is always prudent to invest in more than one scheme. That and a belief that savings is really, really important. I also admit that I am lucky that I still have money for savings.

That said, I am not very happy with what is happening with my EPF money. For those who do not know, the EPF is a mandatory contribution fund for Malaysian workers. The idea behind the EPF funds is that it forces workers to save money for their retirement, with the funds being released at the age of 55 to the worker. However, depending on the user’s needs, a certain amount may be removed from the EPF accounts for emergencies and betterment, such as purchasing a new computer under the IT guidelines, housing loans and/or in case of disabilities or death (please correct me in the last).

The Federal Territories Minister has come up with a “brilliant” plan to provide housing loans for some 20,000 renters who are, for various reasons, unable to get a commercial loan to buy houses. Some reasons include having retired and/or unable to guarantee a steady income. On the surface this may seem like a great idea, but I can’t help but be skeptical and very worried about the entire scheme for one reason, and one reason alone:

Why is the EPF lending directly to these borrowers instead of going through a third party like the Bank Rakyat and the Malaysian Building Society? The main comment and question being asked in all articles I’ve read so far is that if, as Federal Territories and Urban Well-being Minister Raja Datuk Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin insists, that this new housing loan scheme is so profitable, why aren’t the commercial banks snapping up the loans?

Why is it that my monies, entrusted to the government to ensure I have a safe retirement, is being used in such a manner?

Or is this, perhaps, the Federal Government’s way of saying “FUCK YOU” to the middle class, who it left out in the 2012 budget, for voting for Pakatan Rakyat instead of Barisan Nasional?

You know, I wasn’t sure what else BN could have done to lost votes and drive people to Pakatan Rakyat after Bersih and the EO6 saga, but I suppose they seem to be rather insistent on outdoing themselves every time.

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What is SOPA/PIPA and how does it affect Malaysia and the rest of the world?

SOPA and PIPA in the US allows anyone, but in particular the entertainment industry, to shut down a website (even a forum) for posting infringing content. At the same time, it also allows these same companies to stop services like Google and Wikipedia to show links leading to such sites, even if the sites linked have nothing whatsoever to do with the infringing content.

Realistically, this implies that an entire domain, let’s say Blogspot or, could be taken down by Universal Music Group complaining about a random blogger writing in just a single post about how they hate the new Black Eyed Peas single.

If your server is located in the United States, it will be taken offline without warning if it is deemed to be infringing content. The worst part of all is that you, as the user or owner of the domain, have no recourse. SOPA and PIPA are missing something the Americans are very fond of, called “due process”, by which the accused may defend themselves in court.

You don’t have to be a US citizen for this to affect you. This law basically enacts the Great Firewall of America, which would function much the same way as the Great Firewall of China does, with one key exception. You’d be watching private corporations, such as Universal Music Group, censor you for the expression of your thoughts (and when you consider they censor a news show for commenting on an issue they don’t like…). If America does this, what’s to stop the Malaysian Government from doing the same?

So what can you do to stop this?

The good news is: plenty. The easiest is to hit up your American Friends or post on all your Social Media Networks (Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn and the like, which, ironically, are the same sites that would be subject to such censorship) and tell them about #SOPA and #PIPA.

You can also visit to learn more.

The bad news is that only Americans can prevail on their own government to stop this bill from passing. But you can do something. So go do it.

PS: See Wikipedia to check out what would happen if SOPA and PIPA are passed.

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So I got this message in my SMS inbox on Saturday. It’s from a 66600 number, which means it was sent by a service. I do not appreciate messages like these, because I’m presuming two things:

- MY tax money paid for this
- I certainly did not give my number to any political organisation.
Especially not to receive text messages like these. I don’t fucking care if you’re the Prime Minister of Malaysia or the President of the United States. I do not appreciate SPAMS like these.

The message reads:

A’kum. Tidaklah dibeda darjat harta, di Baitullah sedunia bersatu jiwa, berkorbanlah apa yang terdaya, berdoa kpd Yang Esa; tidaklah lama sepurnama dua, menjamin nasib anak cucu kita; Salam Aidil Adha menjadi pemula, insyallah Selangor kembali milik kita. Drp Ir Zin Mohamed, Setiausaha UMNO Selangor.

The message is from UMNO Selangor, the main political party in the National Alliance front in Malaysia.

The first part of the message (until Salam Aidil Adha) invites the reader to unite and “sacrifice what they can” (“berkorbanlah apa yang terdaya”) and to pray to Yang Esa (the One God, as DBP translates Esa), to hold fast as in less than two months (“tidaklah lama sepurnama dua”), our childrens’ and grandchildren’s future will be secure (“menjamin nasib anak cucu kita”).

This is because with Aidil Adha as the first greeting, God willing, Selangor will return back to “us” meaning UMNO (Salam Aidil Adha menjadi pemula, insyallah Selangor kembali milik kita).

I have lodged a complaint with MCMC online about this. We shall see what they say. I find such SMSes, especially coming from places where I have never subscribed to, to be offensive. Do not spam my phone with your irrelevant political presence. Thank you.

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Dear Friends,

But particularly those in the US. Especially if you’re in Mississippi, which I doubt that most of you are.

Please sign this petition to stop the redefinition of personhood. The Attorney General of Mississippi is proposing legislation that would define personhood to have begun from the moment of conception.

With that redefinition, you’re considered a human being from the moment conception happens. Which means abortion is not an option. Not for rape. Not for incest. Not even if the mother’s and child’s life is threatened by the child in her belly.

In fact, it also means you can’t take birth control pills. Or morning after pills. Anything that might prevent conception. A woman is thereby reduced to being nothing than a brood mare. To be nothing but an animal to receive a man’s sperm and carry that baby to term. Her wishes have no say.

This is not a campaign to define what it means to be a human. It’s a campaign to remove the meaning of being human. It removes choice. It removes the right of women to make their own decision for what happens in their bodies.

This is not about being anti-abortion. It’s about the state saying to women, “You MUST have babies. If you have sex, too bad. You must now carry it to term. If you have a disease that will kill you, too bad, the clump of cells in your tummy must be birthed. If you have been raped, too bad. You must live with the trauma for another 9 months.”

Oh yes. Miscarriage would be considered manslaughter. Miscarriage.

If you feel as disgusted as I do, please sign the petition. And no, it doesn’t matter if you’re from the US or not. A message needs to be sent. Our bodies are our own. The State should not, and cannot, be allowed to have a say in it.

In case you’re wondering, I’m writing this because the thought of having the state, even if the state is not my own, having the state control my body is terrifying. I can’t do much but spread the word, and hope that it gets to the right people.

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And are home safe, welcome home. I’m glad you’re all ok. /massivesquishribhug!

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So the latest news out of Putrajaya is Najib telling voters that they have to choose between MCA and Pakatan Rakyat. For those who don’t know, MCA is a component party in the National Coalition (Barisan Nasional, aka BN). BN is the ruling coalition in Malaysia, born from racial politics during Malaysia’s birth. The MCA is the component party tasked to look after the Malaysian Chinese interest, hence Najib’s and Chua Soi Lek’s (the MCA president) recent remarks.

Now, if you read the actual newspiece, it’s not half as incidenary or flaming as the Malaysian Insider points it out to be. Basically all Najib and CSL is saying that you cannot expect to have strong representation in the government if you do not choose the candidates put forth by MCA. AKA asking the Chinese to vote for a Chinese candidate to look after their interest. On the surface level, this makes sense. After all, if you don’t have any candidates representing you in the government, then how do you expect to have a voice? Also, if you are voting BN out, then why in the world would you still want a voice in said part?

However, there is a simple flaw in this reasoning. It ONLY works if, and I stress on the word if, the BN government is returned to power. Which is something I hope will not happen. After all, if Pakatan takes over the Fed Govt, then this threat is revealed to be just nothing but empty words.

Ok, time to head home. I have a headache now from last night’s wedding party. Orz.

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This piece of news is just…

Wow. Seriously, BN Government, don’t you have BETTER ideas? Really? An EMAIL address to be handed out to all Malaysian adults over 18 years old so you can have “direct and secure communication between citizens and the government”???? Yet by that same token, you CANNOT enable automatic voter registration?

My brain feels like it’s going to explode from the sheer absurdity.

Look, I understand that you want to create a one-stop portal (which apparently includes citizen application development, so tell me why my friend who’s father has been contributing almost patriotically loyally to this country’s economy for the last 30 years STILL getting his citizenship rejected?). I can understand that you want to make it easy for people to sign up. You want to have secure communications with the people, sending them government notices and what not.

My question is, WHY THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO GIVE OUT SUCH ADDRESSES? It would be far simpler to simply make a form and let people fill in the details themselves, right?

Someone also just pointed out to me that besides monitoring on its citizens, this 1Malaysia email thing could also have privacy issues. For one, does anyone still remember when the Tunisian government hacked their citizen’s Facebook accounts? Why would anyone trust their government?

Especially this Federal government.

Should I have a wtf is this stupid category?

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Original article is here. Mirroring on this blog in case it gets taken down. Will post translation when my command of Malay and my disgust goes down.

Oleh: Ahmad Shah Bin Jamlus, Penolong Pengarah BTN Negeri Pahang.

Bangsa dalam maksud bahasanya merangkumi aspek yang lebih luas dari maksud kaum. Ianya menjadi perbahasan ahli akademik dalam pengkajian ilmu kemasyarakatan dan perkumpulan manusia yang masih belum berkesudahan. Penditilan hal ini amat perlu bagi memungkinkan satu pengkajian yang ampuh dan kukuh.

Secara rujukan berkamuskan terbitan Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, BANGSA bermasud jenis manusia daripada satu asal keturunan. Manakala KAUM pula, puak atau suku bangsa.
Oleh yang demikian, saya berpendapat bahawa skop BANGSA lebih luas daripada KAUM.
Pendefinisian di atas penting, namun apa yang lebih penting adalah kefahaman yang menunjukkan bahawa manusia itu secara fitrahnya telah dijadikan berbeza-beza, walau dari kelahiran dari perut ibu yang sama.

Bermula daripada penciptaan manusia pertama iaitu Adam a.s, kemudian Hawa a.s yang pada awalnya di syurga, dengan dipendekkan kisah, maka keturunan Adam dan Hawa berkembangbiak dengan ramainya di atas muka bumi ini.
Ini dapat dibuktikan dengan kepelbagaian bangsa dan kaum yang dapat kita lihat dari dek kelainan warna kulit, bentuk rupa paras, besar kecil anggota tubuh, kerinting lurus rambut, hitam biru mata, pertuturan dan cara hidup. Barang kemungkinan kesan dari bentuk muka bumi, panas sejuk cuaca dan iklim, manusia terbahagi sedemikian.

Secara luarannya, manusia itu sangat berbeza dalam konteks yang telah disebutkan. Namun, mereka itu banyak persamaannya dari sudut dalaman. Ini dapat dibuktikan melalui roh, perasaan, nyawa, emosi dan jiwa. Hal-hal persamaan ini, secara zahirnya dapat diperhatikan dari sudut emosi misalnya, membina intonasi percakapan dan tinggi rendah pengucapan ketika bertutur, walaupun dengan berbahasa yang berbeza. Jika tidak, masakan si MELAYU boleh menitiskan air mata bila menonton babak kesedihan dalam filem-filem HINDUSTAN misalnya, sedangkan si MELAYU itu tidak faham sepatah habuk pun bahasa yang dipertuturkan dalam filem berkenaan.
Oleh yang demikian, secara mudah untuk berfikir akan perbezaan dan persamaan tersebut. Jika dihuraikan dengan lebih mendalam dan ditil, sudah tentu ianya akan membuahkan medan ILMU yang sangat luas.

Merujuk panduan ILAHI secara termaktub yang ditinggalkan oleh Junjungan Besar Muhammad s.a.w iaitu AL-QURAN, kisah awal kejadian manusia antara lain disebutkan di dalam Surah Al-Baqarah, ayat 30. Begitu juga terdapat surah-surah yang lain menjelaskan hal tersebut.
Merujuk hal pencitaan pelbagai bangsa, kaum dan puak ini, sudah dijelaskan dalam Surah Al-Hujurat, ayat ke-13 yang bermakna sebagaimana di bawah;

“Wahai umat manusia! Sesungguhnya Kami telah menciptakan kamu dari lelaki dan perempuan, dan Kami telah menjadikan kamu berbagai bangsa dan bersuku puak, supaya kamu berkenal-kenalan (dan beramah mesra antara satu dengan yang lain). Sesungguhnya semulia-mulia kamu di sisi Allah ialah orang yang lebih taqwanya di antara kamu, (bukan yang lebih keturunan atau bangsanya). Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui, lagi Maha Mendalam PengetahuanNya (akan keadaan dan amalan kamu).”

Jika kita perhatikan dalam Ayat ini, permulaannya disebut “Wahai umat manusia…”, ini dapat diperhatikan sebagai satu kenyataan yang universal atau amat menyeluruh sekali. Merangkumi orang-orang yang beriman dan juga sebaliknnya.
Penjelasan ini membuktikan bahawa, penghujahan ini ada untuk dikaji dan diteliti oleh semua manusia tentang kebesaran PENCIPTA mereka dalam KEKUASAAN penciptaan yang ingin dinyatakan selepasnya.

Setelah itu, dinyatakan bahawa manusia itu bermula dengan seorang lelaki iaitu Adam a.s dan kemudiannya Hawa a.s seorang perempuan dan daripada mereka berdua itulah kembangbiaknya manusia yang ramai itu.

Secara jelas pula, tanpa selindung dengan kenyataan tersirat bahawa sememangnya manusia itu dijadikan pelbagai bangsa, kaum dan puak bukan untuk perbalahan tatapi untuk saling berkenalan, kerana Allah mengetahui akan kekuatan dan kelemahan sesuatu bangsa atau kaum itu. Sehinggalah Allah menjelaskan bahawa sebaik-baik mereka itu adalah yang paling tinggi atau lebih taqwanya tehadap Allah s.w.t atau Pencipta dan Pentadbir sekelian alam jagat ini.

Untuk mencapai TAQWA itu, barang sudah pasti bahawa dituntut padanya ialah ISLAM, kerana daripada ISLAM itu timbul hal IMAN dan KEPERCAYAAN terhadap Yang Maha Esa.
Di sini, saya ingin kembali kepada artikel sebelum ini, maka MELAYU dan ISLAM itu tidak dapat dipisahkan. Ciri awal atau pertama dalam mencapai TAQWA telah dikukuhkan dalam Perlembagaan bernegara umat MELAYU di MALAYSIA dalam Perkara 160 memperuntukkan bahawa MELAYU mestilah ISLAM.

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As we all know, the government seems to insist that they will build the Penis Tower because it’s what PNB wishes, aka PNB is building the tower, not them.

And most Malaysians, regardless of creed, is against that tower.

This then, is what I propose.

All PNB shareholders, it’s time for our voices to be heard. Complain in whatever form you have to PNB that you will not stand for the money to be used in this wasteful manner (their email is ). If all fails, withdraw your money after the next dividends (should be within the next few weeks) to make a strong statement to the BN administration. If they are going to milk us, let us milk them for what it’s worth.

Let our voices be heard!

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Dear Puteri Umno

With regards to your sanitary ads causes social ills reasoning, here’s a proposal for you. It’s got all the prerequisite you seem to desire:

- does not promote social ills
- is made of green technology

I’ll even give it to you for free!

Here’s what I suggest:

Instead of using harmful sanitary pads that make you feel sticky, bloated and wet, use coconut husks! It protects you not only against messes, but should a man try to get frisky when you don’t want him to, it’ll be a great cock-blocker too! For added comfort, wrap said coconut husk in an old sarong! At the end of the day, throw away the husk and wash the sarong to be worn another day.

Green and helps prevent social ills, no? I look forward to hearing your experiments with this.

A Malaysian woman who understands the evils of pads

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The Malaysian 2011 budget is usually a good indicator of whether there’ll be a general election the coming year. A general election budget will be full of “goodies” such as income tax rebates, price controls on essentials and generous projects for the poor. Otherwise, it would be a budget that’s meant to keep the country coasting along. The 2011 Malaysian National budget seems to be a different kind of category altogether. I call it the “Let’s take as much money as we can before we’re kicked out in the next general elections” budget. Or the STFU budget for short.

Why do I say so?

As the Malaysian Insider has pointed out, it’s the return of Big Malaysia. To transform Malaysian citizens into high-income earners, apparently the best way to do it is to… Build big things. Really big. Like a RM3 billion eco park.  A financial district estimated to cost RM26 billion ringgit. Or perhaps the most telling of all.

A RM5 billion 100-storey penis I mean tower.

Yeah. Ok, so I can understand the desire for an eco-park. I can understand the want for a financial district. Heck, I can even understand why you’d want to build a Women and Children’s Hospital, developed by the International Islamic University Malaysia Teaching Hospital in Kuantan. Those, in my opinion, are perfectly good ideas. My only question is, “WHY THE HELL DO THEY COST SO MUCH?”

But let’s put that aside for now. You see, I still have a fascination with the penis tower. Why do I have such a fascination with it?

Because while we’re building that, our postmen are getting paid only RM710 a MONTH. And that’s after an increase. Their previous salary used to be RM610.

I don’t care whether I’m comparing apples and oranges. If we can’t even take care of the humble men and women who run our most basic communication systems, who the hell are we to even think of building a 100-storey tower?

I’ll be making sure to mark Pakatan Rakyat next general election. Hey, if Penang can show a profit AND pay their state civil servants a hefty bonus after just ONE YEAR in power, I have no doubt that Pakatan can do the same for the federal govt.

Then again, this is the STFU budget. Which means that no matter what, Pakatan will be getting a bankrupt country once the next general elections roll around. So yeah. No matter what, we’re still screwed.

Well, at least we know what to call the current generation of politicians. GBM. Generasi Bankrupt Malaysia.

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So, a few weeks ago, a DAP MP walked into a mosque to present a cheque for Raya, which is coming soon. She says that she had been invited by the mosque committee to enter the prayer hall and to give a speech. Obliging them on both counts, she then spoke to them about the state government’s (Selangor’s) education programme. Utusan and quite a few BN-related papers got a hold of the story and went to town with it.

A good chunk and summary of the whole case can be found on the Nut Graph.

My personal take on it?

If this picture is true, and it seems to be, then I do agree that the MP in question, Teo Nie Ching, did commit a faux pas in entering the mosque. Her faux pas isn’t that she was a non-Muslim entering the prayer hall of a mosque, but that she did not demonstrate enough respect to the religion. i.e. I believe she should have worn at least a loose head covering, which she seems to have done so at a later function.

It’s unfortunate though, that a simple gesture as visiting the house of worship of another religion has been turned into a political issue. Make no mistake. I don’t see this as a religious issue at all, not when there are Muslim scholars, even within Malaysia, who see no wrong in a non-Muslim visiting a mosque if they have business to conduct with said Muslims. No, I do not mean scholars like Nik Aziz who does have a political stake in the outcome.

I’m talking about Selangor’s own mufti (a Muslim scholar who is, as Google tells me, also empowered to proscribe a fatwa or Islamic religious ruling) Mohd Tamyes Abdul Wahid who wrote a letter that stated,

“According to history, the Prophet (while he lived) in Medina did not repulse any visits by Jews or Christians who wanted to meet him even when he was in the mosque of Medina,” said Tamyes in the letter addressed to Jais’ chief assistant director in charge of mosques. They would come with a request, seeking justice (in a dispute) or for an administrative or other matter. It is understood from such incidents that there is no prohibition in Islam for meetings to be held within mosques other than the Masjid Al-Haram in blessed Makkah so long as they are held with good intentions.”

That view is also shared by former Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin who believes there is nothing wrong with a non-Muslim visiting a mosque as long as it was with good intentions, also quoted in the same piece.

So, from my point of view, this is not a religious matter at all. This is a simple misunderstanding that has been blown out of proportions to make it look like a religious attack when it is none. I wonder, does this cancel the fasts of all those who claim that Teo is a dirty person thus for entering a mosque?

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Hatiku berpusing
Kegelisahan bertambah
Di ambang merdeka kini

Di jalanan, mahupun di kampung
Di bandar dan di rumah
Semuanya gemuruh

Dalam kegelapan ini
Teringat suatu peribahasa
Di mana bayangnya, di situlah cahaya

Dengan cahaya wujudlah gelapan
Dalam sinaran adalah bayangnya
Untuk setiap yang inginkan kemusnahan
Wujudlah lebih ramai yang inginkan keamanan

Negaraku bukannya yang termoden
Negaraku mungkin terlalu runsing
Tapi yang adanya macha
Tiada warna, tiada sempadan

Mereka yang mementingkan diri
Terlalu inginkan kuasa dan wang
Sehingganya negara yang menjadi mangsa
Rakyatnya yang merana

Dalam bayangan wujudlah cahaya
Dalam runsingan wujudnya jawapan
Dalam kegelapan adalah harapan
Dalam rakyat adalah pendirian

Kepada mereka yang inginkan kemusnahan
Kepada mereka yang inginkan kuasa
Baliklah, iblis, ke nerakamu
Tinggalkan negaraku Malaysia sekarang!

Ditulis sempena Kemerdekaan Malaysia ke 53 dan Hari Malaysia ke 47. Inspired by a quote from the Mothership, “who would like to remind you that in this ever present darkness, there’s always someone nearby with a light. And if you’re willing, you can be that light.”

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Translated the latest lol from Ridhuan Tee, a Muslim convert who’s trying to be more Malay than the real Malay.

Don’t dare to challenge us

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There were two reasons why I voted for the opposition in the last General Elections.

1. Pakatan Rakyat promised a FOI act.
They made a promise in 2008 that if they were elected, one of the first things they would seek to do is to create a Freedom of Information Act. This was one of the reasons why I voted them in; because they promised me that they would create such an act. Yesterday, they tabled the Freedom of Information Act. That’s one promise kept.

2. Local Elections
I am still waiting for this one to be resolved, but let’s just put it this way; apparently we are not allowed to have local elections because it is unconstitutional. Huh. But from what I know it’s still in progress.

Congrats, Pakatan. Now keep it up. I, for one, am interested to read what documents I can of the water concessionaire agreement.

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The Comic Fiesta committee could read like a One Malaysia ad. Here you have a bunch of youths, all below 30, who gather together to organise an event, every year, without fail, from start to finish. It’s a testament to what they say youths cannot do: Organise a successful event without any “adult” to guide them.

This year, Comic Fiesta the event, will be 9 years old. From an event with only a few hundred attendees to an event with a region-wide reach, charting its history with numbers alone would inspire wonders. Last year, we had around 8,000 attendees. This included the committee, helpers, sponsors and the attendees. We had people from all over ASEAN and quite a few cosplayers and visitors from the Middle East, Australia and if I remember, Canada.

The committee though, was, and is wholly, and completely Malaysian. So are the helpers. Ironically, it is the cultures of those who had “colonised” us which brings us together. We’re fans of Japanese anime and English-language comics, just to name a few interests.

Don’t believe me? This is our very long 2009 Committee picture (some people, including me, missing cause the line was so damn long XD). This is the gang in 2008. And lest you think that it is only the Committee that is multiracial, we’ll never forget our helpers and volunteers (2008 photo cause I can’t seem to find the 2009 photos).

How ironic that it is the culture of what some would call the “colonisers” that bring us together. But you know what? Every year, whenever I head to Comic Fiesta, I discover not only do the doujinka/self-published/fan creators make excellent fan works, they also make pretty awesome original art. And badges. And hats. Did I mention cookies too? Not only that, even our off-shoot IRC channel’s a poster child for 1Malaysia (though considering the jokes we make about said project…).

1Malaysia’s already here. And it’s taking over your world. So watch out, Malaysia.

PS: In case you can’t tell, I lost my train of thought and this has become a… ramble. :P

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A year ago, a friend got married. The weeks before, she had spent hunting us down at an event, making sure that the wedding cards reached each of our hands, safe and sound. That weekend, I took the LRT down with a male Malay friend to the wedding, and we entered the hotel together. I’m pretty sure the khalwat crew would have had fits if we’d have gone up to the hotel room to see the bride, but we decided to chillax at the cafe instead.

We saw another couple when we went back to the ballroom entrance. They still had the flush of “new couple” around them, though it was great to see the guy getting bullied by the girl. Did I mention that they were a cute mixed couple? Awesome as they were, what was even more awesome was that soon the rest of our friends started arriving. And we were a palette of colours.

As we signed in, there was a chorus of cries as we “complained” that we had all be shunted off into a room by ourselves. Considering our noise levels, I think that was a good point. Certainly no one could complain when we decided to dispense with the normal, “Yam Seng” cheer with another. Lead by Fazri and Victor, I think, we sang this instead (yes, sing):

I don’t wanna close my eyes
I don’t wanna fall asleep
Cause I miss your babe
And I don’t wanna miss a thing!

Which of course, nearly shattered the glass doors. :D Then we made the groom sing a song to his bride, all in the name of turning traditions upside down. He sang Mazinger Z’s opening song, I believe, to everyone’s delight. As we dispersed (after throwing the groom into the air, no mean feat, I tell you), everyone walked in one big group to the carpark. We hugged, talked and divided ourselves according to who was going where to go home, and then we promised to meet at the next gathering.

Two years ago, my cousin sister got married. The main thing I remembered about her wedding was standing up and seeing a sea of Chinese faces. That terrified me to no end. The only-non Chinese people I could see was my dad, aunt, my bro and me. My mother’s family doesn’t really trust non-Chinese, which is why the fact that I’m here writing to you on this blog is nothing short of a tiny miracle.

Three years ago, a good friend passed away. He did it in a way only he could; leaving us the day after his birthday.

I still remember the way everyone rushed up to go to Penang for his funeral. The way we all poured into a friend’s house in PJ to plan (very very quickly) the transportation details for the next day. The way we all rushed home after that to grab our clothes. The shock and sorrow I felt at losing him. The memorial we had, online and offline, for him. Hearing stories from friends who attended the funeral, especially from his parents who were surprised that their son had made so many friends. That we all gathered, regardless of colour, to mourn the passing of a guy who really didn’t care about colour.

I didn’t understand how May 13 could have happened from an emotional viewpoint until I went for my cousin sister’s wedding. I realised just how much we’ve moved on since then though, because of the celebrations I’ve attended since then. I’ve come to realise the debate and the reasons behind May 13 isn’t racial. It never was.

It is, always has, and always will be, about class. It was about the poor of one community being told to blame the poor of another community, because the rich of the first community was stealing from the poor and wanted to hoodwink them.

That is all.

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There are times when I wish I can listen to the recording of what politicians, especially the BN, say. As a PR graduate, it shames me when I see public figures making a fool of themselves. Especially if they’ve hired a global Public Relations company. I suppose that they didn’t want to go for the grooming classes, believing them irrelevant.

The statement that irks me the most in the Star today is this:

He (Muhyiddin) added that Malays had no reason to worry about the New Economic Model: “Even if we address problems on a need basis, the target group that we cannot neglect is the majority (the Malays).”

There are so many ways he could have said it better without making it sound like the Malays are going to be given priority, simply because they are Malay. Or that there was the intention to neglect the Malays. Try these on for size:

“The target group of NEM are the needy, which comprises largely of Malays.”

“Malays are part of the target group when we address the problems on a needs basis in NEM.”

“Malays will not be neglected as we address the problems on a needs-basis; they too, are part of the target group.”

Note: References to NEM is my own addition as I do not know what was the preceding sentence.

I have a feeling I may have made things worse, but I think it certainly reads better than the original. What do you think?

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