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Figured out how to export a timeline based on this by Nenad Trajkovski. This is a reminder to myself that the Timeline bar he’s mentioning is NOT the sidebar on the right.

It’s the calendar view bar on the top. /goes back to Timelining

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When calculating grand total from two subtotal values, pressing Autosum will count only the subtotal values. It will ignore the rest of the numbers. #TIL or #Today I learnt

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When trying to take screenshots of “When Your Fans Are Online” for Facebook Insights, double click on a random day until you see the dark blue line that shows a particular line overlay with the lighter grey blue area that shows the average time. Now move your mouse over the dark blue line to see the time and fans of the day.

Note: This is not a full proof manner but at least it’s easier for me to grab screenies now.

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Working Styles

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 08:24 am
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So it took me just over a few years to come to this point, but while I was in the shower today (and it would be in the shower, why are all the best ideas are while you are in the shower?) I finally realised what my working style is and why I am beginning to hate my job.

I work best when I can concentrate on projects. In other words, I work best when I have a single project/idea to focus on. Yesterday was a pretty good example of it; I found myself genuinely enjoying the projects I had to do and was very resentful when I had to switch from one task in a project to another on short notice. However, I couldn’t submit the project copy completely error-free; too much switching meant that my attention span was pretty bad and I actually made a very glaring grammatical error that my Project Manager caught it.

Coming back to the point, did I mention that I hate social media? Managing it at least. My current workflow is now:

  • Check FB pages for clients in the morning
    1. Write responses to users if necessary
    2. Post updates manually if no updates were scheduled previously/ alternatively monitor contests we are running
    3. Compile and send back to the client if there are issues (most of my clients are in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods business, aka foodstuff and cosmetics, so we do get enquiries fairly often)
  • Work on copy for other projects
  • Create messaging calendar for clients
  • Research trends
  • See what the competitor is doing

I know my other colleagues have way more stuff to handle than I do, but I am feeling very overwhelmed at works. It’s death by a thousand cuts, because most of the time I am in the middle of writing or conceptualising something and then I get called/asked to check the FB page or I check the FB page before I start on my task and then I get distracted because I have to reply to the user or email comes in and I want to strangle the client who has no respect for other people’s time stuff gets pinged to me and I just lose focus.

It’s that breaking of the flow that often causes my distress, and I suspect, the reason why both my attitude and drive to create has plummeted. The stop and go style of driving often kills your car’s fuel consumption and brakes faster than a smooth, long drive, and I think that is what is happening to me.

Goddess, grant me the strength and wisdom I need to overcome this.

Focus, focus focus!

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 11:11 pm
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Today was one of those days when I felt really depressed and angry at the world. Not to mention useless and being overall despondent at my ability to cope with work. Basically I feel like I am drowning, and everyone is simply looking at me drown.

However, literally getting out of the office and talking to people I rarely talk to did wonders for my mood. That and a 20 minute run. Didn’t get too far with it, but I’m finding my body responding on a way I did not know it could. That’s always an awesome thing.

Then this appeared in my inbox.

I never thought to look at my working hours that way. The way my current responsibilities go, it feels a lot like death by a thousand paper cuts. I move from one task to another in the hopes I can finish them before the clock runs out, but as I discovered today, that is at best, a futile hope.

So I am going back to basics. I am going back to focusing on one task at a time. One step, one project, at a moment. None of this nonsense of a million places at once. I can multi-task, but only if my brain is not working on it. So a literal step back, and more focused thoughts will work much better.

And because I really need to remind myself:

a. Break everything down into tiny pieces FIRST. One step at a time. Control your panic, and breathe. We can get through this.
b. Work on it chronologically. You know the steps, you always have. Don’t jump from one task to another. We both know your mind doesn’t work that way. Step by step. One feet in front of the other. That is how we have always been.
c. Off time is sacred, but it is not just play. Write, woman. We both feel it when you don’t. *kick*
d. Even if you think it won’t help, exercise. We both know you love the feeling. SO GO AND FEEL, DANGNABIT!
e. Final note: Their choices are not yours. Their stories are not yours. Yours is not their story. So yes, it’s completely ok to feel all those things. Joy, despair, hope, annoyance, everything is normal. Everything is working as it should be. Theirs is not your path. Your path is not theirs, no matter how much they try to make it seem.

My dearest, darling, you know what feels right. How it feels right. No one can take that away from you unless you let them. Release, and breathe. It’s fine. Let go.

And live.

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Stopping the panic

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 10:49 pm
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I was talking to my Project Manager today and I realise just how much I’m handling and it all kinda fell apart on me. I will be honest and admit that I have been procrastinating on the things I should be doing at work and it’s not like I don’t like what I’m doing.

It’s that I feel like I am doing too much.

I know of a lot of people who are envious of me and my job description. After all, my job is to basically stay on social media. It’s not that glamourous nor easy of a job. A social media person needs to do quite a lot of things, which on the surface may seem like something that doesn’t take up too much time:

  • Doing messaging calendars which mean scheduling messages in advance and/or getting client’s approval
  • Getting other people to do your graphics
  • Responding to users about your client’s brand
  • Thinking up of ideas to get people to buy into your client’s message and branding
  • Play/do things on FB like check out links etc

I am going to whine here, so stop reading if you don’t want to read anything depressing or self-entitled. Yes I am aware I am being an attention whore, but this is my own blog after all and I think I should be able to whine.

Read the rest of this entry »

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So there’s a contest going around right now to win the new Samsung Galaxy Note. This hybrid tablet/phone looks pretty slick but it’s rather large, hence the hybrid tablet/phone tag. Due to its dual nature, DiGi’s giving away 2 phones to a lucky pair.

How to win?
Log in and create your team with a friend. Then get people to vote for your friend and you. It’s a daily vote thing, so you’ll need to get people to vote for you everyday. The team with the highest votes count. Note: If you want to just vote, you’ll need to add the app.

Teams for my own reference:
The teams listed below are for my own reference, mainly colleagues and my own. :D Please vote for Fujoshis United! :p

Fujoshis United
Ting & Ting
Team Nokia 3315 (Yes they are still using this phone)

Otherwise this is going to be a reminder/placement holder for me.

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Today, Google released Google+ Pages, which are, for now, basically Google+ profiles for Businesses. To get started, click here.

Ink to Screen’s G+ Page is found here. Pixellated logo to be replaced soon. Setup was fast and painless. For most part.

Edit: Quick stuff to note: You cannot appoint other people to be admins of your pages on G+ just yet. Hmm…

Short URL:

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I came into work early.

However, my work place was not near my house, but the one in Kota Kemuning. Near McD, in fact. I came in earlier with quite a few people already in, but suddenly it was only me and the account manager and she told me that no one else was in yet. Then I told her that there were still tasks left unfininshed and she began to fret cause there were no designers in the office.

Somewhere along the line, my office chair got pushed and it was pushed outside the office. It basically rolled all the way out into the street, through a busy crossroads where there was construction going on and stopped at this streetside eating fest. I caught it just in time (I couldn’t run cause I was apparenly in skirts + semi-heels) but I managed to get ny chair back and rolled it back to the office.

Then there was a discussion about how we were going to sit cause everyone was finally in and then I woke up.

Time to make breakfast me thinks.

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Almost to term…

Sunday, August 28th, 2011 02:21 pm
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In June, I turned 27.

This year will mark the first time in over 10 years that I’ve changed jobs three times in less than 8 months.

It will also mark the first time in years that I’ve taken an unofficial break from work. Last year, between May to January of this year, I did not work full-time, but made my way part-timing instead. The results were mixed. I’m not really cut out for freelance, I realise, unless it’s the kind where I can set my own hours doing something routine, like call center customer service. It was an interesting experience. I love being a writer, and doing anything else but that means me being miserable. That’s not to say that writing is completely stress-free or free of pain, but this is a familiar pain that reminds me I’m alive (while I may sound like a maschoist, I would like to assure the reader that I am NOT. I’m not a fan of pain).

The year has also been full of personal landmarks. Mama passed away last year, just after Christmas. Since then, my family has sold off the house and moved into hers. It’s much smaller than my old room, but it feels a bit less impersonal. No, I’ve not felt my grandmother’s spirit haunting me even though I do sleep in her room. I have felt a little bit more lonely though, cause I don’t have my Mama to disturb. It’s the physical things I miss the most; leaning my head against her shoulder, having her pat my head.

It’s all the small little things.


On the geeky side, being a bit more free than usual means I’ve had the time to dip my toes into a few places. Google+ is now one of my favourite places to be, half because I’ve been a bit more selective in the people I add there, and also because it’s much cleaner and nicer compared to Facebook. Social media wise, here’s what I have opened more or less all the time:


In more or less that order. My dad lent me his HTC Incredible S while I am waiting for my phone to be released in Malaysia… *wanders off to check on the availability* And it seems that Canada already has it. BRB clawing at wall. I’ve been waiting for this phone for months, and if it’s really as nice to type as it suggests, then it’ll be a handy backup to my laptop during Nanowrimo. And I can stop making weird typos on Dad’s Incredible S (called Kuro-Keitai temporarily, aka black handphone).

Coming back to the point though, a smartphone really makes engaging in social media a breeze. It’s not something you can ignore anymore if you work for a tech or media company in Malaysia. Nearly all online Malaysians have a Facebook account. Brand-wise, engaging in social media is important, IMHO, if you have a clear idea of what you’re doing. Otherwise, take your time to figure out exactly what you have to do. The key thing to remember about social media when engaging with others as a brand is that you’re not expected to be corporate all the time. You ARE the image your brand promotes, so if the brand’s a hip, grinning, and young-feeling kind of brand, then talk in that way. Don’t be stiff!

*looks back on what has been written*

Ok I think that’s a wrap.

PS: Cookies for those who can guess what the title refers to! :P

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When you can literally feel the earth shift beneath you and you know that your life’s turning. It’s always going to be horrible before it gets better, but now, at least, I don’t feel so aimless anymore. I know I’m going to get chewed out. I know I’m going to face another person’s disappointment in me cause I failed, and boy this time, did I fail spectacularly.

I might even lose my job for this. Or at the very least, take a paycut cause goddamnit I am an idiot.

But goddamnit, it feels damn good to screw up like an adult.

Yeah, this is definitely the chocolate high talking. So I shall shut up now and sleep.


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Company’s looking for an English editor.

Main qualification: Have good/great English skills (aka you should know the difference between There and Their etc)
Main trait: Must be meticulous.

Bonus points: Sociable, good presentation skills.
Would like to have but not end of the world: Creative, willing to do market research and talk to teachers.

Pay: Reasonable (from what I know at least la)
Benefits: Plenty – panel clinic, dental (with condition), prompt paymasters, great colleagues
Edited to add: Plenty of opportunity to work with international counterparts; this is an international publishing company
Snag: Working hours are from 8am to 5pm, but you may have plenty of half-days for presentations and seminars if you are inclined to that.

If you’re interested, please drop me a comment here or ping me on my social networks.

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My wish for you
Is that this life
Becomes all that you wanted to
Your dreams stay big
Your worries stay small

This is right.

Where I am supposed to be. Where I am now. Where I will be.

It feels right.

I started work at my current company this week. It’s been something of a mishap; I came to work late cause I thought work started 30 mins later than it actually did. I didn’t get my computer till mid-week. Took over an hour to get my accounts sorted out (thanks to HSBC’s system bleh) and am a bit blur in the office.


Awesome colleagues are good. I’ve got colleagues who stop by for a chat now and then to see how I’m doing. My mentor takes the time to ensure that I’m ok and am settling in. I can pop into my boss’ office at almost anytime, cause I know she’ll be there. Or at the very least, I can run by ideas by other colleagues.

The support system beyond the immediate company is tremendous. They’ve got a website that’s a sort of mini-social networking that actually functions. It’s active with a lot of non-Asian-based staff, but I’ll explore it if I have more time on Monday. There’s also a site with self-learning courses for us to take; I’m going to bug my HR on Monday for that one too.

Oh, and yes, I am really, really happy with my workload and my workscope. Not very satisfied with my own speed though; I know I can do better and faster than that, so I’ll expand on it on Monday. Lots of things to do and I’m quite happy with my life.

Also, ending at 5pm is awesome (starting at 8 is also awesome, though am working on inability to go to bed at 11.30 pm now whoops it’s 12.48am now). Fixed lunch hour is also awesome. Silent office? Not so. But we shall see!

Also, I may have a bit more of a social life now and I think that helps a lot. Not having to do a 40 minute commute is also nice.

And now, sleep!

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While talking with Wind_Goddess about an Internet issue on MSN:

Me: dunno whether it’s modem firewall issue
Me: apparently router got firewall pron
Me: **prob
Me: not porn
Wind_Goddess: ………..

Some things never change, eh Wind_Goddess? :D


Over Skype:
After making a remark that Ris is the only guy in the department :

Ris: I get my own washroom.. i can do watever i want in there. ;)
Me: …
Ris: HAhHAhaha
Me: :x
Ris: not that i do any wierd stuff in there..

Kinda too late to counter that, Ris. XD

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Today is a rage day

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 02:55 pm
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Internet in the office is wonky, and when I went to McD to work, it also turned out to be quite wonky. Took me one hour to get online. Doesn’t help that Mizuiro is also dying, so looks like I’m definitely getting a new phone next month. The only question is whether I should go completely touchscreen and get either the Nokia N8 or the Satio or if I should spring for a Blackberry Curve/Bold 2,depending on which is cheaper. Yes this also means visiting the DiGi Centre at Solaris this weekend.

Today I also raged at mom via SMS for destroying one of my blouses. I apologised to her within 40 minutes though. It was a rash action on my part and the thing is, mom and me actually managed to have a civil conversation about said blouse not long after. She thinks the buttons make it look nice, I think buttons on a blous like that makes it look VERY 80s. Will also need to lecture mom on my taste in clothing. She’s lectured me enough on mine. XD

Then there’s also a new 2 minute trailer on YouTube (no, you can go find the link yourself) on this anime about Hang Tuah. There’s quite a bit for me to hate in this anime; the production values doesn’t look like it’s progressed much from the “syiok-sendiri” era of the 1990s, the opening song is horrible, and the keris looks just so wrong! I’m not sure whether it’s Gonzo or Finas to be blamed. The trailer basically screamed to me of Government meddling, cause you can feel any life that might have been breathed into this production has been completely strangled by the importance of “showing who’s calling the shots”.

Did I also mention that I feel very tempted to delete my Facebook account? The new Facebook fanpage is directly responsible for my productivity drop this morning. I spent 80% of my time trying to find options that have been hidden unnecessarily (like editing photo captions in a batch as opposed to individuals) and discovering that I am unable to message all users who’ve liked the page AND unable to change my ads’ creative. WHAT THE HELL, FACEBOOK?

Ok, back to banging my head.

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[Work] First thoughs

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 03:07 pm
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So I started work yesterday on Monday and so far the place has been pretty awesome. Colleagues are friendly, the pace is pretty fast, and the aircon is controllable, so I do not freeze. Too often. :D

That said, there are a few drawbacks. The area has literally no food. To get lunch, you need to drive out. However, there is a pantry area. I have to investigate to see if it has food and the like, but chances are there might not be as the office’s expansion is relatively new, so I’ve brought stuff instead. Yes, there is a pack of coffee, a box of tea, one instant noodle cup and tuna crackers in my drawer. There is hot water and apparently a microwave downstairs. Will need to see if said microwave is working. Nope, turns out it’s no longer there.

Hours are rather flexible for now. Apparently mobile office working is a possibility as long as you don’t work outside for too long (as in you come to the office at least once a day). I might give that a go, especially if the local McD has wifi. The only thing I have to complain about is the traffic. My cut-off time for leaving the house is now 8.15am instead of 8.45am for my previous job at Fuel Media. Otherwise, I’ll get into what is known as the famous Persiaran Kewajipan Jam. Yes, the jam is actually on Foursquare. Apparently after 8.30am the police leave and let the traffic lights take over, which I suppose accounts for the massive jam then. The annoying thing is that I’m still getting lost as I go home. Well, we shall see if tonight I don’t panic and make it home by the route I’m supposed to take.

My workload is both heavy and light. It’s light in between times and heavy otherwise. Seriously. Putting my brain to work to write copy has never been both more fun and more headache-y. Or that could be the Nescafe 3-in-1 regular pack I just finished talking. Hmm…

Oh yes, the office is also undergoing renovations, so there are some insects running around, which leads to the office stocking stuff like these. There’s no sucker, but it does make a loud noise, so I spent most of yesterday alternating between going “Aiep!” when someone touches me to get my attention or when the light goes off and I resist the urge to jump in my chair. Oh, did I mention that the air con can be controlled manually? It’s not centralised, so there’s a remote presumably to control the temperature. Which means no more freezing Patricia! :D Except when I forget to take my jacket out of the car like today. T_T

Also, FAST INTERNET CONNECTION! And I can surf almost anywhere as long as I get my work done. Only thing is… I sit with my back facing other colleagues. Do not want. :P But we’ll cross that line later.

And now lunch!

Edited to add: It would seem that GDocs no longer supports posting to blogs, even Blogger. This is immensely disappointing. :(

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It seems quite a few people I know are having money problems (including yours truly). So I did the next best thing: Opened up Jobstreet and went looking for part time jobs. So far, this is what I have:

Data Entry with Unisys
Hours: 1.30pm to 8pm (fixed)
Pay: RM7 per hour
Breaks: 2 breaks, which seem to come up to a total of 1hr 45 mins, which cuts quite a bit into your pay as the working hours are very limited.
Notes: You will be typing in numbers for about 97% of the time (aka your best friend will be the numpad). You will use the keyboard otherwise, but it’s rare. Also, you’ll be based in Damansara.
How to get it: Drop a comment in here with your email and I’ll forward you the email I got from Farah Waheeda of Randstandt. Even if you don’t get this job/it’s too far for you, I’d recommend contacting her anyway because the company she works for is a temp agency.

Customer/Tech Support for Datacom
Hours: 7am – 12 pm (flexible, these are the hours I chose for myself) Edited = There are two shifts depending on your favoured time slot.
Pay: RM12 per hour
Breaks: Unsure, but possibly none as I am only working five hours a day.
Notes: Based in One Tech Park near Centrepoint. Datacom is a outsource tech support company (like VADS) but they service international clients. The one I’ll be working for is an Australian one. Here’s the catch: There’s an end date of 30 NOVEMBER 2010. Which means after this date, your job will be finished. Pay seems good but we shall see.
How to get it: Drop me a line here and I’ll forward you the email with the details.

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I have learnt:

  • My own worst enemy is myself.
    There is really nothing else to be said but that. All the mistakes that I’ve made over the past few days were my own, and I know I can do better. Giving up is not in my nature. It’s seeped in, yes, but I’ll be damned if I allow myself to give up. The whining stops now. It’s time to KATN!
  • This is an opportunity I will NOT waste.
    Seriously, a lot of people dream but very few actually take those steps to make those dreams a reality. I’ve been planning this for years, and if I give up now, when it’s so close what kind of a person am I? While I may lost faith in myself, others have not. I’d be a poor friend and giving those I care about a bad example if I give up so close to the finish line.
  • I have a brain, I shall use it!
    I know what I’ve done wrong, and how I’ve been taking everything for granted. Now I’ll translate that into my work. I used to be damned proud of what I did; it’s time to spark that piece of professionalism again. Money be damned, I’ve got my pride to keep me full.
  • Body aches
    Either my body’s getting a tonne of exercise from all that stairs, or I’ve been pushing too hard. Time to see a doc!

    Edit: I resigned anyway, since they had already put the resignation process into motion. I agree, that was the most stupid thing I’ve done, and it’s a mistake I do not intend to repeat again.

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Night shifts

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 09:16 am
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Had my first taste of the night shift yesterday, and aieeeeee. Walking through a dark room is scary! :P Lots of books to marks today, but so far I am enjoying myself. Handled two classes by myself yesterday; one underran and the other over. Older kids are a bunch to handle, while the younger ones (I had a smaller class for the younger kids) was just fine.

That said, Dad gave me a few ideas to bring up with one of the older kids I was thinking about. He’s quite disruptive, but I want to talk to my senior before I put those ideas into place. If she agrees, then I’ll be trying that method on Thursday. Ah, but this should be fun!

Now, excuse me while I flail. >>

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