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And I am glad. November was a crazy and horrible month. Sleeping cycle’s gone out of whack and too many things have happened in the past month. Didn’t really have time to slow down and think. December looks to be tentatively more free compared to last month. I hope it will.

Good morning, everyone.

PS: If you needed to know, I won Nanowrimo again. :P

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Tired of your life?
Make different choices.

Tired of feeling fat?
Make different choices.

Tired of not going anywhere?
Make different choices.

Had enough of being mediocre/angry/pitiful etc?
Make different choices.

Unhappy where you are?
Make. Different. Choices.

I’ve stagnated. De-evolving in some ways. It’s not just my personality and actions. It’s my skills and ability. Used to be that I’d take it as a personal affront if the client insists on bad copy. Now if it’s client-approved, can already la.

I can try to pinpoint when this happened and when I started allowing myself to do this, but that’s a futile task. You can’t change the past. I can’t change what I’ve done. What I can do is to ask the why and how. Those are factors I can control, no matter how much I want to deny it.

I can make different choices now and hope it’ll be enough for a better me in the future. That’s all I can do.

In case you’re wondering, I was horribly mortified at something that went through my hands that should not have gone out without me at least checking the quality. I did not. And now I want to bang my head against the wall because of that.

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Everyone’s perception of time is different. We are all allocated finite time, and it is up to us to use it. What we choose to prioritise is not the same as others. Be not offended if I ignore you, a stranger who makes demands on my time. Yes, you are not worthy of my attention, just as I am not worthy of your attention for trivial a matter.

The only person who can make the decision on whether that internet fight is really worth getting into is you. There are some internet fights worth making the foray. The majority are not. Therefore to fall into the trap of thinking too long and hard about it says much about how you value your time. I vow to value my time more. There are things that are more valuable to me than watching people fight about stuff that doesn’t concern me.

What about you?

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Sofia the First

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 12:03 am
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So one of the things I did over the weekend was to watch cartoons over at the Disney Channel in the hotel room. The one that caught my eye was this series called “Sofia The First,” supposedly about a girl whose mother married into the royal family and then she became a princess.

At first I thought the series was pretty laudable. They made mention of the fact that she’s in a family with stepsiblings and a step-parent, but it started going downhill once they began emphasising on the fact that she was going to a Princess School.

The episode I caught was called “The Shy Princess” and it was as cliché as you could get. The Royals are paired off and they have to come up with an art project about “Their Dream Castle” which made me cringe. But hey, it’s aimed at kids, right?

So Sofia gets paired with this princess who’s supposed to be shy. The other kids at school often speculate and gossip about her, because no one seems to be able to talk to this girl. However, Sofia discovers that Vivian isn’t as bad as people makes her out to be. She just has “issues talking in public.”

Then Sofia discovers that music makes Vivian more confident of herself, and encourages Vivian to sing with her for their presentation. It goes well, and Vivian is suddenly accepted by everyone in the class, but particularly the “Queen Bee” clique of the school. I flipped tables.

Things that Disney got right in this episode were:

  • Gossiping kids
    We all know how cruel and imaginative kids can get when trash talking others. They got this one right, with the princesses speculating that Vivian’s parents were gnomes and she lived in a cave with bats and a dragon (They got the dragon bit right, at least).
  • Cliques
    The Queen Bee clique was made of 3 girls, with the usual “head honcho” girl and her two assistants. While they were not physically mean, they were also quite condescending and bullying, because they spoke bad about Vivian even though she was there.

What drove me crazy was this:

  • Vivian’s not “shy”
    Her anxiety at talking to others, how she tries to blend in with the background and her actual panic at talking to other people and hopelessness at her own self sounds more like she has anxiety issues and mild depression. She also shuts herself and literally runs away from people. That doesn’t sound like “shyness” to me. It sounds like Vivian has serious issues.
  • The solution? Express yourself!
    Sofia gets Vivian to “express” herself through her music. While seeking the approval of others. I… faceplanted.

Yes, I understand that this is a kids’ show and I probably shouldn’t overanalyse, but it really annoys me when things like these happen. Give me more Phineas and Ferb please.

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There are a few songs that will always remain close to my heart. Not because of their popularity, but because they came at a time when I needed it the most. Oddly enough, I’m usually captured first by their rhythm and emotion, then only by words (this is where having a lot of people translate a song you love comes in handy).

God Knows by Aya Hirano reminds me of the time I broke up with my ex. For a long time when I heard that song, I’d resonate with: yamete uso wa anatara shikunai yo (Stop it, it’s not like you to lie) but as time went by, I was drawn instead to yowasa yue ni tamashii kowasareru you ni (My weakness will not shatter my spirit).

It came into my life at a time when I sorely needed it. The breakup took a toll on me emotionally, spiritually and in some ways, physically. I had awesome friends who helped me through it, but I wasn’t quite the same. God Knows became an anthem of sorts, a song I’d scream my heart out when I was depressed or alone.

Yui’s Again was another song that hit close to my heart. For one, there was that depressing anime series called “Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood” that was nothing but owowowowow hit me in the heart again why don’t you but what resonated with me the most was Kaeru basho mo nai no, which translates to “I have no home to go to.” Which fucking hurt because I just lost my grandmother. It was an outlet to my heart, emotions. And gave me a place to hold on when I had long drives home.

Years go by, and whenever a song comes up and holds me by the heart and doesn’t let go, I know it’s usually a sign that something’s coming. It’s been a long time coming, but I think the next one might just be One Ok Rock’s “The Beginning.” The reason’s simple:

Just give me a reason
To keep my heart beating
Don’t worry, it’s safe right here in my arms.

At least I have good warning with this one. With that, good night.

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Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 12:29 am
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Cities are full of humans. Like humans, they are complex. They are not soulless, colourless beings so often painted by artists and writers. They are colourful, bright, shiny things with dimensions rarely seen in nature.

Too often, we lament the emptiness of the city.

We call it cold and heartless. We liken it to a jungle, to nature, where the strong survive and the weak perish. We despair that the city drains our souls to leave an empty husk behind.

Too often, we forget, nature is a paradox. Where there is death, there is life. Where there are ends, there are beginnings. The circle of life changes, and yet remains the same.

A city is very much the same.

It is nature of a different sort. Humanity’s attempt to emulate a working, perfect system. Nature’s set up a series of systems that work well with each other. Compensates for deficiencies. Allows for deviation. Robust enough, to withstand whatever she throws at it.

We humans have not yet reached that standard. We have not discovered the way to make all the pieces fit. The compassion to allow each other to fail. The forgiveness that comes with mistakes. The release of fear that makes us fly.

The only thing we have perfected that we learnt from nature is how important it is to survive.

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House door gave me issues.

Carpark issues next door gave me more issues.

Got misdirected by WAZE trying to find least jam way to Midvalley.

Gardens parking machine gave me a ticket but refused to let me in.

I’m done with today.

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Religion and Choices

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 10:03 am
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This post was originally published on my Facebook profile yesterday. Reproducing it here today because of the Allah appeal that is currently happening.

So today it finally struck me. I mean, I know this intellectually, but this is the first time I’ve felt the truth of it hit hard in the gut.

Why in the world are we so preoccupied with someone else’s religion?

Religion isn’t a numbers game. It’s not a competition where the religion with the most followers automatically win the world, or God’s favour and blessings on them forever. If you have your beliefs, then so be it. You have your faith in your God, and I have my faith in my Goddess. Pure and simple. When you die, if there is an afterlife, then you’ll be answerable to your God. That is all. God’s going to ask you what you did. He’s not going to reward the entire religious organisation without evaluating the sum of its parts.

And so if you have faith in your God and religion, then nothing can turn you away from it. Having someone curse you, drinking holy water, air zam zam or wailing at the Wall isn’t going to turn you away from the religion of your CHOICE.

Yes, that is the keyword.


No one can force you to believe in a faith you do not have. You may have doubts about your faith, you may have doubts about God’s existence, you may even doubt that your deity is the person you thought they were.

But here’s the thing: It’s YOU.

You make the choice to believe in them. YOU make the choice to hold on to your faith. YOU make the choice to believe in the tenets of your faith, to keep to it, and to hold it sacred and practice for as long as you shall live or so choose.

No one, but YOU yourself.

Belief is, as you grow older, a personal choice. There is no one who holds a gun to your head and say “BELIEVE IN MY WORD THAT PIGS WILL FLY” and you will believe in your heart, unless you choose to. Someone may take your hand, put a pen in it, and then write “I AM A BELIEVER” with your hand, but if you do not believe it in your head, then it is meaningless.

So stop pushing the responsibility for your faith onto others. I cannot slap you and make you believe that my Goddess is greater than yours, unless you choose to believe my words. By that token, you cannot force belief in me that your God and religion is really greater than mine.

Stop thinking that drinking holy water, walking by a church or into a mosque, listening to Buddhist chants and/or smelling temple incense is going to turn you away from your religion. HAVE FAITH IN YOUR RELIGION LA!

**Note: I have deliberately left out times when you doubt the existence of God in this essay, aka nights of the soul.

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What is a Kaiju image from Pacific Rim's Facebook page

I finally decided to watch Pacific Rim in IMAX on a whim yesterday. My initial reaction was one of absolute squee and enthusiasm; I’ve not been tossed into a world where I can suspend my disbelief and just simply watch a movie without my brain automatically engaging the analytics engine in a long time.

Besides the fact that it was IMAX and thus everything seemed real, Pacific Rim did a pretty damn good job of distracting me from the plot holes. Here’s the spoiler-free things you SHOULD know before you watch the movie:

  • Mako is a badass and everything is visual in this film. Pay attention to the way shots are composed, colours are used, and body language is emphasised.
  • The action distracts you. Really! If you grew up watching Ultraman and other monster series I did, the action here is fast, furious, and AWESOME! So distracting my brain didn’t have time to process it all.
  • As much as it pains me, I find it much easier to enjoy Pacific Rim than I did Star Trek. The latter had so many plot holes, I found myself enjoying it for no other reason than Benedict Cumberbatch and watching Spock get his ass handed to him by Uhura. Pacific Rim, on the other hand, was pure, unadulterated violence and bashing. They were unapologetic about it too.
  • Leave your brain at the door. Watch it in IMAX. Be prepared to squee. Also cute yaoi couples everywhere!

And this goes into spoiler territory:

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There is only one way to describe Himeji Castle; if a building could troll, none could do it better than Himeji.

Consider the history as told to us by our guide, Ms Shoko:

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3200 posts!

Sunday, March 31st, 2013 12:57 am
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I wanted to write something profound, and then I am reminded that God works in mysterious ways. Perhaps not now. But there is something I am going to consider. A secret promise, and a quiet one…

At 32, we shall see.

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Things I did today

Sunday, March 17th, 2013 12:41 am
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Met up with friends for Comic Fiesta Volunteer Appreciation Lunch. Technically I’m not part of the Felynes (pronounced Felines) but I’m part of the semi-permanent Ticketing Helper team, so I was invited to it. I forgotten how much noise any Comic Fiesta gathering can produce. Basically regardless of age and interest and composition, most Comic Fiesta gatherings of more than 5 will be noisy. And it’s a kind of liveliness you can’t really find most other places.

Then I went around KJ stadium to do a quick #Ingress run. :D Right after that I hit Sunway Pyramid for an evening of ice-skating with friends. I fell down twice (in my defence, it had been 11 years since the last time I skated, and the last time I did, I was one the ice for just 20 minutes?). So yes, wet pants. XD Then I followed JLo and her BF to a place called Cornets for smoothies and drinks. She thinks I’m very anime-cute (because I actually go “nyan” and “ara?” with appropriate expressions in real life).

Then I wanted to Maimai with her but there was a long queue and she needed to go, so I ended up playing two rounds. After that I had starbucks and then I came home.

And now, sleep. OMG that was a busy day.

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Annual Dinner Update

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 12:36 am
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Didn’t win anything, being an emcee is exhausting, and Secret does it much better than I do, and I shall take it that if I want money, it’ll be through good old fashioned hard work, cause it looks like I have no “dumb money” (aka money that comes in through sheer luck) stars this year. :DDD

Good night~ *collapses onto bed*

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You were there when I was at my weakest.
You saw me through tears.
You carried me gently through endless nights.
Though I’ve cheated on you, you’ve always taken me back.
You never complain when you have to share.
Your rough and warm surface never fails to support me.
Even after all these years, you’ve retained your bounce.

This Valentine’s, make love, not war… to your bed. :P

Sleepy Heffalump
Credit: Sleepy Heffalump by Neil T, on Flickr

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Over the week, because Thursday’s post is voice, and the past one week has been a bit… silly.

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[Poetry] Knives

Thursday, January 17th, 2013 12:26 am
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Soft, soft the dagger heels
Gentle its trace on the skin
A line of blood
A dab of pain
A single stab.

Deep within the knife thrusts
Deep within it reaches
A single touch
A stronger hand
A heart is dead, forever more.

Scar, scabs, thick
Protective tissue to wrap the heart
Fragile, gentle, beating thing
All undone, with one stab.

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Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 10:50 am
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Jan 15:

I am alive, more posts to follow, as per last year, work is swallowing me, but I am alive. For now. :D

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Dear Muses,

Leaving my chair to go to bed is NOT the right time to fill me with inspiration. AAAA

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Hello ladies

I presume that it is mainly the ladies who have given me this idea, mainly because this smacks of you girls, especially you, Sukina.

Yes, I know we have been hearing a lot about MMO/Games being turned into anime. As in anime series that are based on the premise of games, ala Tower of Druaga and Sword Art Online, not to mention Ragnorak Online and .hack.

However, that doesn’t mean we should follow them! You do realise just how @Q^@&*#*^$($^@*$ it is to write a game script, much less write a full-fledged story about such a game? And let’s not even go into the capturable dudes.

Yes, darlings, don’t think I missed those hints. Are we writing a MMO or are we writing a visual novel romance? I counted at least three capturable dudes (yes I know that capturable is not a word but otome fans will know what I mean). So let’s run them down, shall we?

There’s the King. A boy-king who’s apparently quite kind, if a bit spoiled and naive. And one who doesn’t really know how to fight, but he does know how to administer. This is who, the typical shounen nice guy? He is cute, but he is also quite blur (no, ladies, we are not patterning him on Roland no matter how much I might want to drop an anvil on the guy. Sukina’s reference: Borderlands 2). So he’s rich, refined, and capable. If an idiot.

Then as usual we have the usual swordsman. This is an elder guy, the king’s bodyguard or some such. Stern, firm and reliable. He’s the one who meets our heroine first and the one who’s like an elder brother to her. He protects her and is also the ladies’ man. Hmm… I might be able to spin him into being a partner for her when she goes on her missions…

And then there’s the older, grizzled army veteran. No, he’s not a capturable guy, I think. He is, however, the general of the armies, someone whom they all look up to for guidance, and he takes care mainly of the army as I mentioned and the outer citadels…

Naoko’s note: Well, there are people who go for much, much older men….
Me: Naoko, he’s 42!
Naoko: Your point being? She IS 22
… I can’t believe we are having this conversation.
Naoko: ^_^

So back to the story, there are three guys so far. Yes, for those who know my tastes, the megane/knowledgeable character is conspiciously missing. I have no idea where he is. I’m not sure if such a person will even appear or if that position is going to be usurped by someone else, like a woman or a Priest who is not a capturable. Yes, if this were a game, you all know who I would aim for and forget about the rest.

So about the world. The world’s pretty decent, I think? I have rough settings in mind, with actual imagery and sensations. And a particular scene I cannot wait to write. Yes, dear muses, if nothing else, that scene where the character gets hurt really bad has plenty of possibilities. Not least because she then kicks up the level of her fighting by THAT much higher.

And that protective spirit.

Oi, are we recycling Camp Nanowrimo?

Sukina: Maybe….
Naoko: *whistles*
Me: …

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Of solitude

Friday, August 31st, 2012 02:03 pm
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Every so often I get the urge to be alone, usually after a period of intense mental or social activity. Work has been that the past few weeks, so much so that I couldn’t focus even though my workload was better this week. My social life was also filled with drama several weeks back, which added to the mental drain.

It’s time like these that I usually seek a retreat from my online social circles. When all I want to do is curl up with a loved one and a book. Or sometimes, just the book.

Find a quiet place to just sit and read, to rediscover the magic of imagination. Refill my patience and Zen tanks. They’ve been running low for the past year, and at this point, I do fear I might either explode or jump off a cliff.

So if I don’t seem very sociable, or lazier than usual to attend meetups or just plain rude or disengaged, you know why. I need time to care for myself before I can care for others.

The greatest love is self-love. It’s time I practice what I preach.

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