Monday, December 9th, 2013

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When Singapore has a riot and my first thought is, “Hmm… who would stand to gain from this and is it part of a larger conspiracy?”

And then my mind starts making up scenarios ala fiction. >.>

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Phoenix Rising

Tattoos fascinate me.

The idea of ink leaving a permanent mark on my skin is something I used to fear for myself. It wasn’t the pain, it wasn’t the regret. It was the idea that I’d choose a design that I wanted to get rid of 5, 10 years down the line.

Airbrush tattoos are generally a great alternative. I got this as a timely reminder to myself. Been meaning to for the past few weeks, and finally kicked myself to do it yesterday.

Instant regrets: Not asking them to add some red to the tail for a more colourful spin and not putting the tattoo a little lower on the arm so when I type, the tattoo’s completely hidden.

Otherwise, today’s the second day and I’m finding living with the tattoo isn’t so bad. We’ll see how things go in a week.

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